Shanquella Robinson Fight Video: A Femicide-Related Arrest Warrant Issued

The news of Shankera Robinson’s match video and death has become a topic of widespread concern. This article describes the full timeline of events.

Robinson, 25, a Charlotte resident and owner of The Exquisite Boutique, was traveling with friends when he died in October.

Her friends claimed her death was due to alcohol poisoning, but her family, legal representatives and advocates dispute that explanation.

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An arrest warrant was issued after Robinson’s death, and Mexican authorities and the FBI are investigating.

Additionally, more details about the incident have emerged over the months. Read on to find out.

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Shankera Robinson match video

The case surrounding Shankera Robinson’s death has several key events and video clips showing Robinson’s involvement in the fight.

On October 29, 2022, Shankera Robinson died while vacationing with friends in Mexico.

Her friends claimed she died of alcohol poisoning, but medical tests and records cast doubt on the circumstances of her death.

An online video allegedly shows a naked Robinson being repeatedly beaten by another woman.
Online video allegedly shows a naked Robinson being repeatedly beaten by another woman (Credit: Fox News)

The video was released in November of the same year. viral onlineRobinson was allegedly repeatedly beaten while naked by another woman.

The video’s authenticity has not been independently verified, but Robinson’s mother confirmed that the person in the video is her daughter.

The case received national attention, and Robinson’s family spoke out about her death, held a funeral, and launched a fundraiser to cover attorneys’ fees and other costs.

Mexican authorities and the FBI have confirmed their involvement in the investigation into Robinson’s death.

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Arrest warrant issued in murder case

Robinson, 25, from Charlotte, died last October while vacationing in Mexico with friends.

An arrest warrant was issued as Mexican authorities and the FBI investigated the case. Attorneys Ben Crump and Sue Ann Robinson are in charge of the case.

Her family on Monday asked President Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Brinken and other diplomats to join the investigation into Robinson’s death.

Shankera Robinson's Family Lawyer Finds Daijanae Jackson Involved in Her Death
Lawyers for Robinson’s family have identified Dejanae Jackson as involved in her death (Credit: Black Enterprise)

In a letter, lawyers for the family said the president or secretary of state must step in and demand the suspect’s extradition or be prosecuted in the United States.

The letter also contained Robinson’s autopsy results, police records, and previously unpublished prosecutor’s records.

On March 13, 2023, Ben and Suan announced that they had identified Daijanae Jackson as being involved in the death of Shanquela Robinson.

Lawyers, citing findings from Robinson’s trip to Mexico, urged the U.S. government to extradite Jackson to Mexico or prosecute him in the United States.

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Lawyers shared documents with the Charlotte Observer that identified the villa’s manager and concierge.

Robinson, who lived in a vacation home with a friend, knew Dejanet was the woman involved in the altercation. A video of the incident went viral.

Many media outlets claimed that the Mexican government had issued an arrest warrant for an unnamed American citizen. A video of Robinson being brutally beaten is mentioned as the direct attacker.

However, no arrests have yet been made, despite allegations that Mexican authorities are cooperating with US authorities on extradition.

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