Shameer Goolabjith Arrested For Fraud Case: Is Durban Attorney In Jail?

Durban attorney Shameer Goolabjith arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. Is he still serving in jail? Let’s know the reason behind his imprisonment. 

Shameer Goolabjith is a Durban attorney who has gained media coverage for fraud. According to the sources, he was condemned to five years of detention by the Durban Regional Court.

According to the court, Goolabjith was penalized for serving three years, with two years of the sentence suspended for five years.

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Goolabjith is the owner of Shameer Goolabjith & Associates in Westcliff, where he served at Shameer Goolabjith & Associates. His alleged fraud took place in July 2015. Following the year, he was arrested on July 7, 2016. 

Shameer Goolabjith Arrested For Fraud Case

Shameer Goolabjith is the media sensation in the current scenario. Goolabjith was  to five years imprisonment by the Durban Regional Court.

As mentioned earlier, in 2015, the Durban attorney fabricated a claim purportedly on behalf of a complainant, suing the minister of Police. He did this without any request from the complainant.

Shameer Goolabjith
Shameer Goolabjith’s snap was shared in 2018. (Source: Facebook)

According to the latest updates, he was freed on R10 000 bail pending the plea of his conviction and sentence. He talked about his four-year trial without breaching bail conditions in a testimony. 

Similarly, Goolabjith also confessed that he has been practicing as an attorney for over fifteen years. Further, Goolabjith was also the representative of Adam Frank, Rita Frank, and Ryson Frank. 

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Is Shameer Goolabjith In Jail?

Shameer Goolabjith, a Durban-based attorney, has been granted bail from serving time behind bars. Despite initial reports suggesting otherwise, he was released on aia R10 000 bail in the Durban Regional Court, as he appealed his recent conviction and sentence. 

This development provides a glimmer of hope for the high-profile lawyer as he continues to fight for his freedom.

Last week, Goolabjith was sentenced to 5 years for falsifying a claim and suing the Minister of Police for R100 000. The alleged fraud happened in July 2015 that has kept the public on the edge of their seats, waiting for the outcome of this captivating story.

Shameer Goolabjith
Shameer Goolabjith’s early years at his office. (Source: Facebook)

According to Idol Co Za, he was detained on July 7, 2016, but he was released on R1 500 bail the same day. 

As per NPA provincial spokesperson Natasha Kara, Shameer Goolabjith’s sentence was partially suspended with two years, leaving him to serve an effective three years in jail.

He launched a new application to petition the judge president on Monday. Goolabjith declared his innocence in a legal statement, claiming that he never broke his bail conditions during the four-year trial.

Likewise, he denied having ever met the complainant. Goolabjith stated that it was his brother and paralegal, Shaneel Goolabjith, who received instructions from the complainant’s spouse.

Magistrate Jacobs granted Goolabjith bail. Goolabjith must report to the Police station every Monday, submit travel papers, and avoid influencing witnesses, as part of his bail conditions.

Goolabjith will go to prison if an appeal is denied seven days later.

Details About Durban-Based Attorney Shammer Goolabjith

Shammer Goolabjith 41 years old, is an attorney from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. According to his Linkedin bio, Shammer went to the University of KwaZulu-Natal and earned a Bachelor of Law (LL.B). 

After receiving a degree, Goolabjith began his professional career as an attorney. He has already looked after some cases being active in this field for 18 years.

Shameer Goolabjith
Shameer Goolabjith with his clients in 2019. (Source: Facebook)

Goolabjith made headlines as the legal representative for the notorious trio of Adam, Rita, and Ryson Frank. They were suspected of possessing stolen goods, a controlled substance, and doctored identity documents. 

The authorities also found a wealth of SASSA cards, bank cards, and other IDs in their home. 

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