Sean Sluganski Obituary: Slain PA Police Officer Shot And Killed- Family Tree

A McKeesport Police officer Sean Sluganski was shot and killed while in the line of duty on 6 February 2023. Get to know the late officer’s parents, partner, and child.

McKeesport Police officers Sean Sluganski and Charles Thomas responded to domestic all on Wilson Avenue. At Grandview Avenue, the two officers found the suspect.

Allegheny County Police disclosed that the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired at the officers, killing Sean Sluganski.

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On the other hand officer, Thomas is recovering from his injuries and is reportedly in stable condition.

In a shootout with a third cop, the suspect, Johnathan Morris, also sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital. The suspect has been charged now.

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Sean Sluganski Obituary: Slain PA Police Officer Shot And Killed- Family Tree

Fallen McKeesport Officer Sean Sluganski (who died on 6 February 2023) was the beloved son of Terri and David Sluganski (late).

The late McKeesport Police officer Sluganski was not married. However, he was engaged to Chelsea Cancilla and was a proud dad of Haven Sluganski. Sean Sluganski’s fiancee/partner must be heartbroken.

Sean Sluganski Obituary
Sean Sluganski was engaged to Chelsea Cancilla and had a kid. (Image Source: John F. Slater Funeral Home)

The 32-year-old officer was also a proud brother of Sarah Griener and Shela Sluganski. His sister Sarah is married to Matthew Griener. Likewise, his other sibling Shela is engaged to Pierre Odom.

Sluganski was also a doting uncle to Madison Griener and Macie Sluganski. Marilyn, the late Charles “Tom” Williams, are his maternal grandparents. Late Leonard and Dolores Sluganski are Sean’s paternal grandparents.

Along with his beloved canine friends (dogs) Sigg and Knox, he is also survived by several adoring aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Sean Sluganski Funeral Arrangements

It was reported that The John F. Slater Funeral Home at Brownsville Road in Brentwood would hold his funeral. The funeral House will receive it. Friends on Sunday, 12 February 2023 (from 12-8 pm) and Monday, 13 February 2023 (from 2-8 pm).

The public has been advised to park at Benson Lincoln Mercury on Route 51 due to the anticipated number of visitors. For visiting, shuttles will transport guests to the funeral home.

The funeral is by invitation only; the general public is not permitted.

Only the family, the McKeesport Police Department, and the law enforcement escort will be present for the funeral procession, the cemetery, and the grave site ceremony, according to Allegheny County spokeswoman Amie Downs.

McKeesport officials suggested that people who want to pay respect to line up the streets along Lysle Boulevard and Eden Park Boulevard to offer their respects might do so beginning at 2:00 pm.

The funeral procession’s path from the funeral home to Jefferson Memorial Cemetery is as follows for locals who might want to pay their respects.

There will be “severe” traffic delays that will last for hours, so anyone who isn’t coming to participate is requested to stay home.

Sean Sluganski Murder Suspect Johnathan Morris

Authorities took Johnathan Morris to jail after being discharged from the hospital.

Sean Sluganski Obituary
Sean Sluganski’s murder suspect, Johnathan Morris, is currently under Police custody. (Image Source: CBS News)

In addition to the shooting deaths of Officer Sean Sluganski and Officer Charles Thomas, he is accused of several other crimes.

Morris was already on the McKeesport Police Department’s radar in the weeks before Monday’s shooting, KDKA-TV has found.

The 31-year-old Morris threatened to call a financial institution in Escambia County, Florida, on 13 January and said he was going on a “killing spree,” according to an Allegheny County 911 dispatch transmission.

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