Sara Morales, Pregnant Librarian Killed By Andrew Derr- Case Update

A pregnant Librarian killed by a fatal shot a few years ago is still shocking and most talked about an incident relating to a criminal case. Through media outlets, the public widely knew the case.

The victim in the case, identified as Sara Morales, was pregnant during her murder, and the case has gained massive media and people’s attention with increasing crime worldwide.

Since the first incident, investigating such a heinous crime has been ongoing.

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Many people want to know about the legal proceedings and where the victim and the perpetrator are.

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Who Is Sara Morales? Victim Of Murder

Sara Morales is a well-known victim who was murdered a few years ago following a shooting by a culprit named Andrew Derr.

Her murder case was highly publicized through media outlets so that people would be aware of crimes and incidents.

Sara Morales: Pregnant Florida woman shot dead as she pulls gun after hit-and-run
Sara Morales: Pregnant Florida woman shot dead as she pulls gun after a hit-and-run (Source- MEAWW)

Likewise, she was the mother of a young daughter from her previous relationship and was pregnant with one when the culprit killed her. She was survived by her fiance too.

In 2019, Morales was an assistant librarian with the county, which she described as one of her dream jobs. Previously, she was functioning as a server in the restaurant area but switched to a librarian job shortly.

Along with her investigation, only these records are found concerning her personal life. With her passing away, her relative opened a @gofundme account to support her daughter.

Pregnant Librarian Killed By Andrew Derr: How Did She Die?

The pregnant Librarian, Sara Morales, was killed by Andrew Derr, a motorcyclist, after a fight relating to overtaking their vehicles and damage caused to the motorcycle due to the collision.

Following the fight caused by the accident, Sara showed the gun to threaten the motorcycle rider, and when death feared him, Andrew Derr is also said to have pointed the gun at Sara and shooter her in fear.

When she was shot and severely injured, she did not die instantly, and officials took her to Halifax Hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival due to the heavy blood loss.

Many people had witnessed the scene and were surrounding the place when the incident happened, so the investigation, evidence, and witness collection were easy for authorities.

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Five-months pregnant Florida librarian, is shot dead in road rage incident
Five-months pregnant Florida librarian is shot dead in road rage incident by Andrew Derr (Source- Daily Mail)

Andrew Derr- Case Update And Legal Procedure

Andrew Derr’s case Update and legal procedure are highly searched by the general people as this case has gained recognition from international levels. 

With his cooperation throughout the investigation procedure and evidence based on the scene and witness, he is not liable for any kind of penalty labeling his killing and action under “self-defense.”

Even when looking through his criminal history and records, he is not with any wrongdoing, so his criminal mindset was not suspected in the court proceedings. 

However, he was with traffic offenses for a speeding ticket in 2019, and no such criminal background had made it clear that his killing was unintentional but self-defense.

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