Sameer Khakhar Net Worth Before Death: Farzi Actor Wife And family

The Bollywood television actor Sameer Khakhar passed away at 70. Here is what we know about Sameer Khakhar net worth before his death.

Sameer Khakhar was an Indian actor and television personality. He is best known for his appearance in hit movies and Tv shows. 

Besides, here are a few lists of Sameer’s notable works, including his role in the Tv show “Shrimaan Shrimati” and movies like Parind and Salman Khan-starrer Jai Ho. 

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Apart from this, Khakhar is primarily recognized for playing the role of Khopdi in the iconic classic TV Serial Nukkad. Similarly, he had his acting career debut in 1984. However, he has remained away from the entertainment field since 1998. 

Afterward, the actor reappeared in the acting world from 2013 to 2023, his last breath. Additionally, Khakhar was also seen playing an important role in the movie of Sidharth Malhotra’s ” Hasee Toh Phasi.” 

Sameer Khakhar Net Worth Before Death

One of the most preferred actors, Sameer Khakhar’s death, has mourned the social media users, and the enormous sad faces of his loved ones could be seen.

Considering his acting career, Sameer was featured in multiple cinemas and Tv shows, so he must have earned a hefty sum of money from his active career. 

Sameer Khakhar
Sameer Khakhar pictures from a young age. (Source: The Economic Times)

However, complete insiders into his earnings remain missing from the online portals, but most online sources claim his estimated net worth of over $ 1 million. 

Khakhar worked in many hit Bollywood movies that grossed a massive profits. So, from his work in those big-budget movies, the late actor indeed received impressive cash.

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Farzi Actor, Sameer Khakhar Wife And Family

Farzi Actor Sameer Khakhar was a married man and was survived by his beloved wife. However, his partner preferred to stay away from the media, due to which her name is not accessible publicly. 

Likewise, Khakhar was a private person who usually kept his personal life away from the limelight. Also, he didn’t give a peek into his married life. So, his wedding details also remain a mystery.

Sameer Khakhar
Sameer Khakhar was a Farzi actor. (Source: Stars Sunfolded)

Meanwhile, Farzi Actor, may have children, but due to the lack of information, none of the media outlets have covered details regarding his kids. 

Further, Sameer was a family person, but he mainly kept his family members far from the public domain. As per a report, he also had a brother named Ganesh Khakhar. It is reported that Ganesh was the one who shared the sad news about Sameer’s death with the media. 

Details On Sameer Khakhar Cause Of Death

Sameer Khakhar passed away at the age of 70 following multiple organ failures. According to online sources, Khakhar was not feeling well for several days. 

On March 14 afternoon, his health worsened, and he had a problem in breathing. So, he was admitted to the hospital and later shifted to ICU due to a health failure.

Later the condition became more worst, and the actor faced a problem with the respiratory system. Unfortunately, he was announced dead, and his brother shared the news with the media. 

Sameer Khakhar
Hansal Mehta tweets about Sameer Khakhar’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Following the devastating news, fans and well-wishers were shattered, and they paid tribute to the late actor via various social media platforms.

It was also revealed that Sameer’s funeral services would be organized at the Babhai Naka Crematorium in Borivali. Our team also share a condolence with his friends and family.  

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