Sam Ke Ting Wikipedia And Age: Arrest Charge

Ms Sam Ke Tin was released after an appeals court ruling on April 11, 2023, and her Wikipedia was searched. Here’s everything you need to know about Sam.

Sam Ke Tinh is a woman whose name rose to the limelight after a fatal car crash that killed eight children in 2017.

The incident occurred around 3:20 am on February 18, 2017, when Ding hit a group of more than 30 teens on bicycles while driving.

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Eight of them were teenagers, eight others were injured. Ding was subsequently charged with causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

She could also face six years in prison and a fine of RM6,000 (SGD1,934). Meanwhile, Ting is now free, and after her release, people started asking about her resume.

Sam Khe Tin Visit Wikipedia

In 2017, Sam Ke Tinh made headlines after killing eight teenagers in a road accident. There are no details about her personal or professional life.

Speaking about the case, Ding was found guilty of causing the deaths of eight youths riding bicycles on February 18, 2017 and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Ding Sanke Wikipedia
Curtin charged with murder She murdered eight teenagers in 2017. (Source: Malay Mail)

A police investigation found that Ding was neither speeding nor under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The accident occurred after several young people on modified bicycles collided with Ding’s car on a winding, poorly lit road.

Additionally, she was convicted despite an initial acquittal of irresponsible driving by a district court in 2019. The incident also drew attention to the Basikal Lajak, a bike modified by liberating safety features such as brakes and lights.

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Ko Ting’s age: How old is she?

As of 2023, Sam Ke Tin is 29 years old. She seems to be on good terms with her family, but details about her home life are unknown.

As mentioned earlier, Ms. Ding did not receive much media attention until her car accident became an internet sensation. Mr Tinh is accused of murdering eight teenagers, and Mr Tinh has apologized to the victims’ families.

Ding Sanke
The Sam Ke Tin Court canceled her six-year prison term and RM6,000 fine. (Source: The Sun)

Due to lack of information, we are unable to provide details about her parents and other family members. But they may take some comfort that Sam has become a free woman.

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Sam Ke Tin Arrested, Indicted: Case Update

Sam Khe Tin was indicted on April 13 at the Johor Bahru High Court and sentenced to six years in prison. In addition, she was also accused of murdering eight teenagers.

She was similarly fined S$6,000 (approximately S$1,934). Her sources said she should have spent more than six months in prison if she had not paid the fine.

In addition, Sam’s driver’s license was suspended for three years after his release. Similarly, Sam’s lawyers have also revealed that they plan to appeal.

Ding Sanke
Social media users are posting about the Sam Khe Tin case. (Source: Facebook)

In addition, a team of lawyers including Mr. Datuk Hisham Tepo Thayk and Mr. Harbindarjit Singh has joined Sam’s representation. Deputy Prosecutor Tunku Amir Zaki Abdul Rahman and Mohammad Shafiq Mohd Ghazali attended the prosecution.

More than that, Sam feels guilty for his actions and apologizes to his parents. Likewise, she said, “I’m going to take this feeling[guilt]to the grave.”

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