Sabine Wren Parents: Mother Ursa Wren And Father Alrich Wren

Learn about Sabine Wren parents; her father Alrich Wren and her mother Ursa Wren. Sabine Wren is coming back again to Ahsoka.

Sabine Wren is a young female human Mandalorian and a graffiti artist with a creative and rebellious spirit. She served as the Ghost crew’s weapons expert. 

The live-action debut of Sabine Wren in Star Wars has been heavily revealed in the Ahsoka promotion.

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Sabine is one of the Star Wars universe’s most colorful Mandalorians thanks to her brightly coloured hair.

She debuted as a member of the Ghost crew in Disney’s animated Star Wars Rebels series.

Moreover, the character of Sabine, who hasn’t been seen much since the Rebels series finale, is thrilled to be returning to the new series Ahsoka. 

Furthermore, Sabine enrolled in the Imperial Academy on Mandalore as a cadet before turning against the Empire and helping the Empire create weapons that she thought would be used for good.

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Sabine Wren Parents: Mother Ursa Wren

The fans of Sabine are curious about Sabine Wren parents. Let us know who is her mother Ursa.

Sabine’s mother Ursa Wren was a member of Death Watch, a squad of Mandalorian warriors who fought against Mandalore’s peaceful government during the Clone Wars.

She married Alrich, and her daughter Sabine was born one year into the fight. Later after some time, Ursa gave birth to a son named Tristan.

With the aid of the 332nd Company of the Galactic Republic, led by former Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Clone Commander Rex, Ursa participated in the Siege of Mandalore in 19 BBY under the direction of Bo-Katan Kryze of the Nite Owls.

Sabine Wren Parents
Sabine Wren’s mother Ursa Wren was a member of a Death Watch. (Source: Fan Girl)

After the war’s end, the Galactic Empire took control of Mandalore after Maul was successfully captured.

Sabine Wren studied there at the Imperial Academy, however, she left the Academy and embarrassed her family.

Due to Sabine’s behavior, Clan Wren was viewed suspiciously by the other clans. Her father was kept hostage, and her brother Tristan was forced to join Imperial Super Commandos.

For the safety of her daughter, Ursa did not search for Sabine. However, they reunited in 2 BBY in the Wren Stronghold on Krownest.

Sabine had joined the rebellion and had come home to ask her family for assistance. But, her idealism and her mother’s pragmatism clashed.

Furthermore, Ursa attempted to exchange the rebels and the Darksaber for Saxon’s forgiveness to preserve Sabine’s life.

Sabine Wren Parents: Father Alrich Wren

Alrich Wren, a human male Mandalorian, was the husband of Ursa Wren, leader of Clan Wren.

He chose to take his wife’s last name after marriage because of its prestige and influence in Mandalorian society.

In contrast to his wife and kids, Alrich was an artist rather than a fighter. His daughter Sabine inherited his artistic abilities, while he modestly gave Ursa credit for her talent.

Sabine and her father frequently visited Tarre Vizsla’s statue on Mandalore to indulge in the artwork and culture while Tristan was still a baby.

Sabine Wren Parents
Sabine Wren’s father Alrich Wren was an artist. (Source: Starwars Rebel)

He was in a political prison after his daughter left the Imperial Academy.

In addition, Alrich’s daughter Sabine led a mission to free her father from Imperial custody at some point after the Battle of Atollon.

Wren was successfully rescued by the rebel operative Ezra Bridger during a tense ambush of an Imperial convoy carrying him to the Mandalorian capital for execution. He was then reunited with his daughter.

Furthermore, Alrich was a devoted Mandalorian who adored and cared for his family. He was more nurturing and warm than his wife, Ursa, who was rigorous and cold.

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