Roxana Canedo Enfermedad: Periodista Muerte And Obituary

People are curious about Roxana Canedo Enfermedad (Illness) as her death news came out. The host of “Amor y Fuego” was familiar with what transpired, and the news of the press woman’s death moved many people.

Panamericana TV personality Roxana Canedo passed away on Monday.

Roxana Canedo, a cherished former host of “Buenos das, Per” and “Panorama,” passed away at the age of 80 on July 31 at first light. The media is grieving.

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In the early hours of this Monday, July 31, an iconic television personality from Panamericana TV passed away at 80, according to a Facebook post by her daughter Vanessa Arata.

Since she served as the face of popular shows like “Buenos das, Per” and the Sunday talk show “Panorama” from 1983 to 1992 and 1997 to 1998, respectively, the former host attained significant media fame.

Arata’s daughter Vanessa shared several images of her mother during her happiest years in Peru.

With this, she quickly penned a message highlighting her parent’s virtues and emphasizing that she never gave up on the right causes.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Roxana Canedo Enfermedad.

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Roxana Canedo Enfermedad: Periodista Muerte And Obituary

Roxana Canedo Enfermedad (illness) during her death is not revealed yet, but when her name was already known for breaking news, in 1997, she was hospitalized for a lung condition that nearly killed her.

She was reaffirmed in her beliefs once she had recovered. She made mention of feeling near to God. She felt her faith grow, which got her through a difficult time.

She felt calm enough to believe she was abruptly departing this reality and entering a lovely one. She never felt threatened and would let her daughter be left alone.

Roxana Canedo Enfermedad
Roxana Canedo Enfermedad details are not exactly revealed, but she died at the age of 80 when she was with her daughter. (Source: La Republica)

But in the end, God makes the final call. Being caught between two options was a daily battle. She can understand these words because of this. Because one consents to unconditional surrender.

She told this publication about Holy Week in 1998, “Faith has a strength that sometimes we don’t value. Her obituary can be found online. 

She was highly respected on the small screen for considering herself one of the most incisive communicators when it came to interviewing political figures.

More Details on Roxana Canedo Death

Rodrigo González was one of the presenters that discussed the publication of Roxana Canedo’s daughter after the news slowly made its way to Peru.

The host of “Amor y Fuego” interrupted his regularly scheduled broadcast to bring up this subject.

He noted that this event was last-minute and that he was astonished, like his companion Gigi Miter. He also extolled her merits and called her an example on television.

“Roxana Canedo, a beloved news presenter renowned in our nation for her work on Sundays and the news, has recently died away in Bolivia. She said at the outset, “It’s breaking news.

Roxana Canedo Enfermedad
The news about her death was given by her daughter Vanessa. (Source: Internet)

When interviewing national political personalities, Roxana Canedo was regarded as one of the most intelligent communicators and a well-respected journalist on television.

She relocated back to Bolivia to be with her daughter after spending many years working for Panamericana TV.

She remained working as a journalist until the end of her days in the country where she had witnessed her birth.

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