Roger Hallam Wife: Is He Married? Kid Family And Net Worth

Roger Hallam is an activist from the United Kingdom. Get insights on Roger Hallam Wife and other personal details from this article.  

Welsh environmentalist Roger Hallam is a founding member of the cooperative federation organization Radical Routes, the political Party Burning Pink, and Extinction Rebellion. In addition, Roger is also a former King’s Ph.D. student.

Roger studied for a Ph.D. at King’s College London between 2017 and 2019, researching how radical movements and civil disobedience might bring about societal transformation.

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In January 2017, Hallam and another individual painted “Divest from oil and gas” “Now!” & “Out of time” on the campus entrance of King’s College London’s Strand as part of an action to encourage the University to divest from fossil fuels.

When they once more spray painted the University’s Great Hall in February, they were caught, charged with criminal damage, and given a £500 fine.

They were found not guilty of any offenses in May 2019 following a three-day trial at Southwark Crown Court. They had maintained in their defense that their activities were a reasonable reaction to the climate problem.

Roger Hallam Wife: Is The Welsh Environmental Activist Married?

In a London love nest that is said to cost £3,000 per month in rent, the founder of the UK’s Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil groups had a sweetheart half his age who assisted him in “organizing the impending revolution.” Yes, Roger Hallam is married to his wife, Frieda Luerken.

German Frieda Luerken, 57, and Roger Hallam, 35, first crossed paths while she was a student at Cardiff University four years ago. She had been spray-painting the University’s buildings because they had invested in Shell and BP.

Roger Hallam Wife
Roger Hallam wife, Frieda Luerken, was spotted walking down a South London street. (Source: Daily Mail)

Born in Dresden, Frieda immigrated to the UK via Belarus. After moving in together in London and founding Insulate Britain as a “lockdown lovechild,” Hallam and the psychology graduate, who has a kid the same age as his partner, co-founded the XR movement.

Hallam recently posted online that he and his partner Frieda were living in a rented apartment permanently. It has a spare room where the upcoming revolution can be planned. It is flawless. However, I need money to pay for it.

They have subsequently grown once more to assist in running Just Stop Oil, the hated group that is wreaking havoc on everyday Britons by obstructing roads like the M25, wrecking gas stations, and closing down refineries.

Roger Hallam Family: Parents And Ethnicity

Roger Hallam was born to his parents on 4 May 1966 in the United Kingdom. As a result, Roger is 56 years old as of November 2022.

Hallam was brought up in a Methodist household. However, the identity of his parents is still unknown to the media or the public. In addition, we have no information on whether Roger has any siblings.

Roger Hallam arrest
After his comments, Hallam was called an “arrogant liability” and ignorant of his “white privilege.” (Source: Hammersmith Today)

Since Hallam’s parents’ identity is unknown, we couldn’t specify his ethnicity. Moreover, the other information, including Roger’s parents’ professional life, is anonymous.

On a 10-acre (4-hectare) smallholding in Llandeilo in South Wales, Hallam had previously practiced organic farming; Roger blames a string of harsh weather occurrences for the demise of his operation.

Roger Hallam Net Worth In 2023

According to several sources, Roger Hallam’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. But Roger has never shared his actual net worth with the public.

Hallam has more than 20 years of experience as a former organic farmer and has worked for more than ten vegetable-growing companies, which is his primary source of income. Roger is also an environmental activist.

Hallam embarked on a hunger strike, which was influential in getting King’s College to pledge to become carbon neutral by 2025 and eliminate investments totaling £14 million from fossil fuel firms.


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