Riley Faith Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Cancer: Family Mourns The Loss

The unexpected passing of a young individual has sparked an online search for Riley Faith obituary. Let’s read the circumstances surrounding the event.

Riley Faith is a young child born on May 6, 2016, and passed away at home on July 22, 2023, surrounded by her family.

Faith Steep, the seven-year-old from Simpsonville, was diagnosed with stage four adrenal cortical carcinoma in September 2020.

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Despite her battle with cancer, she started a heartwarming mission called Riley’s Cozy Comfy Mission.

Riley used to collect donations of sheets, stuffed animals, and colouring books for other children staying at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.

Having experienced hospital life, Riley understood the importance of feeling cosy and at home during difficult times.

Nevertheless, her recent death devastated her family and other members. Let’s look at what happened to her and how her family is coping with this heartbreak.

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Riley Faith Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

Riley Faith’s obituary has been trending as the little girl’s death has shocked her family, and her family is mourning.

Her obituary detail suggests that Riley’s family finds solace in their faith, believing she is now in heaven, worshipping Jesus.

The text expresses the family’s deep love and enduring memories of Riley, referring to her as “Forever Seven.”

Riley Faith Obituary
Riley Faith’s family has been mourning her untimely demise (Source: Twitter)

It also highlights how Riley’s trials and purpose have touched the lives of those who knew and loved her, making her a model for others to follow.

It also consists of a passage from the Gospel according to Matthew, encouraging others to let their light shine before others and glorify their heavenly Father. 

Is Riley Faith Death Cause Linked To Cancer?

Yes, Riley Faith’s death cause is linked to cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and tried her best to live optimistically all these years.

Undoubtedly, this kid from Simpsonville, South Carolina, battled a grave prognosis with unwavering strength.

Despite facing a Stage 4 cancer called adrenocortical carcinoma, which is rare, aggressive, and challenging to treat, Riley remained resilient.

Mimi, her motivated grandmother, previously shared her journey, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer treatments.

Riley’s chemo treatments didn’t achieve the desired outcome, after which she was undergoing immunotherapy with high hopes.

Moreover, Riley Faith Steep was honoured with the prestigious Order of the Silver Cresent Award.

Riley Faith Obituary
Riley Faith was battling adrenocortical carcinoma, a cancer type which took her life (Source: WYFF)

This award is the state’s highest service recognition and recognition of her creation of “Riley’s Cozy Comfy Mission.”

Her small gesture, such as bringing sheets to other children, brightens their days and allows them to be kids while undergoing treatment.

Riley’s mission has given her a newfound excitement about going to the hospital, and her family hopes to turn it into a nonprofit organization.

Those interested in supporting Riley always find more information on her Facebook page or contribute to her Amazon wish list.

Unfortunately, Faith passed peacefully and is now in heaven, free from discomfort, and her departure surrounded loved ones and friends.

Despite the odds, she will always be remembered as someone who shone with her contagious smile, defying the statistics and showing immense strength.

Cancer in children is a tragic and indescribable ordeal, and we join in prayers for healing.

Our thoughts and affection are with everyone affected by this loss, and we seek solace in the belief that healing and comfort will come from God’s work.

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