Rick Ennis Parents Eddie And Dolly: Is Murderer Arrested?

Rick Ennis murdered his parents in a mobile home in Montgomery, Alabama in March 1993, his sisters-in-law said.

This shocking crime story came to light after Rick was sentenced in April 2022 for the kidnapping and murder of Lori Slesinski in June 2006.

CBS News’ 48 Hours: A Man With a Past tells the story of Rick Ennis and his heinous crimes.

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Who are Rick Ennis’ parents, Eddie and Dolly?

Linda Dolly Flowers is Rick Ennis’ mother and Eddie Joe Flowers is his stepfather.

In March 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Flowers were brutally murdered at their home in Alabama. The shocking incident happened less than a year after the two got married.

Rick Ennis parents
Rick Ennis brutally murdered his stepfather, Eddie Joe Flowers, and his mother, Linda Dolly Flowers. (Image credit: CBS News)

Eddie Joe Flowers was born in Montgomery, Alabama in December 1952.

Eddie is portrayed as a loving father. According to reports, he never lost his smile and worked hard for his family despite the hardships.

Donna Falls, Angela Flowers and Tina Sexton are the children of Eddie Joe Flowers.

Rick’s mother, Dolly, was born in March 1951 and married Rick Ennis’ biological father in 1980. However, the former couple’s marriage did not last even eight months.

Ennis was just seven months old when his parents divorced.

Dolly then meets and marries Eddie. The couple live with Rick Ennis in Brantley, Alabama. A few weeks before the incident, the family moved into a mobile trailer park in Montgomery.

How did Rick Ennis kill his parents?

On March 5, 1993, 12-year-old Rick Ennis was walking down a darkened Alabama highway at night when his family’s car crashed into a roadside fence.

State Police Officer John Clark ran into Ennis. Rick has a .38 caliber pistol. Authorities visited the boy’s home and witnessed a gruesome scene.

Dolly, 40, and Eddie, 39, were brutally murdered. Authorities believe they were killed about 30 hours before they were found.

Dolly was shot with a 22-caliber rifle and beaten with a baseball bat, and Eddie was shot dead with a 16-gauge shotgun.

The police saw Dolly wearing a rose on her chest. Rick soon confessed to murdering his parents, and he detailed what had happened to detectives.

As part of the investigation, police interviewed friends and relatives to determine the cause of the tragedy. Rick did well in school, but had troubles at home.

Rick Ennis parents
Rick Ennis has family problems. (Image credit: CBS News)

Eddie’s daughter Angela alleges Rick pushed Eddie every time he tried to approach a 12-year-old boy.

She added that Rick had threatened people and stolen guns before, but no one took him seriously.

Where is Rick Ennis Now? Was he arrested?

Rick Ennis pleaded guilty in court. However, he is not yet 14 years old. Under Alabama law, he cannot be tried as an adult.

A juvenile detention center handled the case instead, and Ennis was released at the age of 21.

Eddie’s daughter revealed that Ennis escaped from prison twice before being released. Rick’s attorney said Rick had a history of emotional and physical abuse.

In 2006, nearly 30 years after killing his parents, he was sent to prison for torturing and murdering Lori Slesinski. Eddie’s daughter, with a look of relief on her face, said she felt she had finally done her justice.

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