Rich Aldrete Arrested For Sexual Assault: Is Salinas Coach In Jail?

Salinas police detained coach Rich Aldrete on charges of sexually assaulting a woman several years ago. According to the victim’s statement, her coach attacked her with a foreign object when she was under 18.

The victim said Salinas was sexually abused by her coach when she was under 18. In addition, Rich Aldrelte was the victim’s coach at the time.

In this sense, the suspect committed a breach of trust. Although the crime was reported in October 2020, it only recently gained public attention.

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Rich Aldoret arrested for sexual assault

The woman reported to police that she was sexually assaulted by then-coach Rich Aldoret in 2018-2019. The victim was a minor (under the age of 18) at the time.

Instead of reporting the crime immediately, victims waited until they were adults to report the crime. In October 2020, the victim finally called the police.

Alderete is suspected of attacking the victim when he was the victim’s coach, police said.Salinas coach assaulted boy multiple times, district attorney’s office says when they come home from training.

The incident occurred between May 19, 2018 and May 18, 2019. The coach is accused of attacking a victim under the age of 18 with a foreign object.

Authorities said the victim is now 21 years old. The victim’s name and other details have not been released for security reasons.

Too late, the victim came forward and reported the attack. We hope that the law will punish those responsible as soon as possible in the next few days.

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Where is Rich Aldoret now? Is Coach Salinas in jail?

Salinas Police recently arrested coach Rich Altrite on criminal charges. Rich is currently being held in Monterey County Jail on suspicion of sexual assault.

Rich Aldoret Arrested
Suspect Rich Aldoret is currently being held at the Monterey County Jail. (Image source: KSBW)

The Salinas District coach was charged with two felony counts of sexually assaulting a minor with a foreign object after being referred to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

Alderete is also accused of violating a position of trust and sexually abusing particularly vulnerable people, according to the criminal complaint.

Who is Rich Aldoret? How old is Coach Salinas?

Rich Aldoret was born Richard Douglas Aldoret. As of 2023, the alleged attacker is 58 years old.

He coaches in Salinas, California. Is he from the same area as you? Well, the answer is still kept secret.

Although he received media attention for his crimes, little was known about his family and background.

Still, given his age, Alderete could be a family-minded person. None of his family and friends have commented on his criminal charges.

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