Reddit Update: Is Joe Gassmann Arrested Again? Where Is Free Beer Cast Now?

Is Joe Gassmann Arrested Again? Many of Free Beer And Hot Wings Joe’s followers are now curious as to why the band member that was arrested was Free Beer And Hot Wings, Joe.

To learn more about Joe Gassmann arrested news, who he is, and other information about him, scroll down and read this story to the conclusion.

Joe Gassmann was nurtured in the talk radio and comedy culture of Chicago, Illinois, where he was born. Joe enjoys biking, hiking, and rock climbing a lot.

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He enjoys traveling and travels during his free time. He worked as an intern on The Drew & Mike Show at WRIF before becoming the Executive producer of The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show from 2005 to 2015.

Reddit Update: Is Joe Gassmann Arrested Again?

Joe Gassmann Arrested news has spread all over Reddit. Joe, the host of the well-known program Free Beer, And Hot Wings, is also referred to as “Producer Joe” on the agenda.

The source claims that Joe, the well-known and long-running host of the Grand Rapids-based radio program “Free Beer & Hot Wings,” was detained in DuPage County on March 18 on a single battery charge for two counts of an alleged domestic battery altercation.

Joe Gassmann Arrested
Joe Gassmann arrested news going viral. (Source: WoodTV)

As a result, the Free Beer and Hot Wings show has been put on hold, and he won’t appear there until the Police inquiry is over.

After being detained in Naperville, the producer of the well-known morning syndicated talk radio program Free Beer And Hot Wings, Joe Gassmann is accused of domestic assault.

He was detained on two charges of domestic violence before being released early on Sunday. The section below has further information about Joe Gassmann and Free Beer And Hot Wings program.

Where Is Free Beer Cast Joe Gassmann Now?

Since Joe Gassmann was taken into custody, Townsquare Media, the show’s parent Company, has suspended Joe from Free Beer and Hot Wings.

While a Police investigation is being carried out, Gassman will continue to be off the air, according to station general manager Rick Sarata.

Joe Gassmann was detained in Naperville, Illinois, in DuPage county in the early months of 2018 on two counts of domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois.

In a statement published by Townsquare Media, The DuPage County Jail attested to Gassmann’s detention. He was reportedly released on Sunday morning, and according to Fox, he will be charged on April 23.

Near the end of May 2018, Joe returned to the program, and the charges were ultimately withdrawn.

On May 22, he will appear in court before a DuPage County Circuit Court judge. According to Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell, the family most likely left their home on Monday, October 17, between 4 and 8 pm.

Wikipedia of Joe Gassmann

In Chicago, Illinois, Joe Gassmann was born to his parents. He was brought up on the humor and discussion radio that the city produces.

He took a few classes at The Second City in writing and improv before discovering his love for hosting. He joined the Illinois Institute of Technology radio program. Later on, though, he decided against going to the performance.

He divorced his wife of four years back in 2018. However, their breakup was messy because it involved court battles and his arrest for domestic battery.

Joe Gassmann Arrested
Joe Gassmann with his wife. (Source: Twitter)

Couple counseling was attempted at the time by the ex-couple, but it failed since he wasn’t trying. Additionally, it was at that time that he first met Ashley, his girlfriend, today.

Gassmann drove to Chicago to spend the St. Patrick’s Day long weekend with his family. Ashley was allowed to meet Joe’s family, and they then went to a pub.

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