Reddit Update: Hunter Awtrey Accident- Death And Obituary

Hunter Awtrey Reddit: A senior at UNC-Charlotte, Hunter Awtrey, passed away on 5 July 2020 due to severe injuries sustained from a fall. Meet his parents, siblings, and girlfriend.

Hunter Thomas Awtrey was a young and vigorous man who died after a tragic fall. The accident reportedly occurred on 5 July 2020.

The University of Carolina at Charlotte student was pronounced dead at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington on the same day.

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The young man’s death news has garnered considerable attention from the public. In today’s article, let’s take a detailed look at the accident which took Hunter Awtrey’s life two years ago.

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Hunter Awtrey Reddit – Accident, Death And Obituary

Hunter Awtrey suffered severe injuries after a fall on 5 July 2020. Then-21 year old was rushed to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

However, the accident ended up taking his life. The medical professionals couldn’t save the young boy. The tragedy must have left the Awtrey family unfathomable and devastated.

Hunter, born in 1998, was an active baseball and basketball player. As an Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity member, he was also in charge of social events.

Awtrey also served as the Interfraternity Council’s Vice President of Recruitment.

Sadly, the young talent took his last breath at New Hanover Regional Medical Centre. Following his death, Hunter Awtrey’s family donated his organs to those in need.

Specifically, Hunter Awtery’s corneas was giving with his family approval.

Obiouvsly, Hunter Awtrey’s death shook the world of his family. Furthermore, it also left a deep cut to people around him. Knowing that a young talent passed away so soon is painful.

Hunter’s family and friends attended his funeral. The private ceremony was conducted at Smith & Buckner Funeral Home in Siler City.

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Who Was Hunter Awtrey? His Academic Background

Hunter Awtrey has been described as trustworthy, diligent, and upbeat.

He loved the outdoors and environmental exploration. Whether riding his dirt bike, shooting deer, fishing, playing golf, or snowboarding, he was always up for an adventure.

Hunter enjoyed activities that gave him a rush of adrenaline. But he must also have loved spending time with his family and parents.

Similarly, Hunter excelled in both sports and academics. He graduated from Trinity High School in 2016. The young guy played baseball, basketball, and football on the varsity level.

Hunter Awtrey Reddit
Hunter Awtrey was involved in sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. (Image Source: Lee Daily)

Afterward, he enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to study business and finance. Awtrey took part in the collegiate community as well.

As mentioned above, the late man served as the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity’s social chairman and the school’s Interfraternity Council’s vice president of recruitment.

Similarly, Hunter Awtery was active as an intern at Client Services Department of Northwestern Mutual. Specifically speaking, the lost soul was a client services intern with Northwestern Mutual in Charlotte at the time of his passing.

Further, Hunter Awtery followed Christianity path. Yes, he was a Christian and used to visit Loves Creek Baptist Church in Siler City. 

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Hunter Awtrey Family: Meet His Parents And Siblings

Born on 19 August 1998, Hunter Awtrey was the son of Chris Awtrey and Linsey Awtrey. He had one brother named Jace Awtrey.

Moreover, Caleb Alcorn and Tyler Miller are his stepsiblings. Likewise, Bill and Jakie Awtrey were his paternal grandparents. His maternal grandparents are Burnace and Phyllis Hancock.

Born and raised in Siler City, Hunter went to Trinity High School to complete his formal education. The UNC-Charlotte student was majoring in business and finance.

He also left his girlfriend of five years, Maggie Monroe, behind. Let’s hope Hunter is at peace wherever he is.

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