Ray J Net Worth: Income and Lifestyle

As of July 2023, pop producer, singer and actor Ray J has a net worth of $14 million. He is one of Hollywood’s most successful music producers.

The actor has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.

Likewise, he owns a record label called Knockout Entertainment.

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Ray J in the studio
Ray J in the studio (Source:

Ray J started his singing career with his debut album Everything You Want. The album was released on Eastwood Records in March 1997.

The singer is the younger brother of Brandy Norwood and the cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg.

Ray J | Overview

Let’s take a look at some details of Ray J’s personal life.

full name William Ray Norwood Jr.
stage name Reggie
net worth $14 million
date of birth January 17, 1981
place of birth Mississippi, USA
religion Christianity
Country of Citizenship American
Race not applicable
educate Arkansas HBCU Philander Smith College
zodiac Capricorn
father’s name Elder William Ray Norwood
mother’s name Sonia Bates Norwood
Brothers and sisters Brandy Norwood
Year 42 years old
expensive 1.7m
weight 74kg
eye color black
hair color Dark brown
sexual orientation straight
marital status marriage
spouse Princess Love (born in 2016)
she not applicable
child 2 people (son and daughter)
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Television Personality, Actor, Entrepreneur
active since 1995
school rhythm and blues
Social media Facebook, Instagram, twitter
label Atlantic Records, Knockout Entertainment, Deja 34 Records, E1 Entertainment, Koch Entertainment, Elektra Records, Cash Money Records
album Everything You Want (1995), This Is Not a Game (2001), Fallout (2005), How I Feel (2008)
movie Once Upon A Time… When We Were Color (1996), Mars Is Coming! (1996), Steel (1997), Christmas By The Water (2003), Jealousy (2008), A Day In The Life (2009)
TV program Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood (2014-), Simbali (1993-1994), Moesha (1999-2001), BET Countdown, Brandy & Ray J: Family Enterprise (2010-2011), Ricky Smiley Show (2012-2015), Leave It to Steweiss (June 2014), Celebrity Head Brother (2017)
latest update July 2023

Ray J | Net worth and income

Pop music producer Ray J has an estimated net worth of $14 million and an annual income of $1 million.

It has been revealed that the actor is earning $90,000 in royalties every three months from his sex tape with reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian.

It totaled $360,000, which is a lot considering the video was leaked 14 years ago.

Between Kim Kardashian’s wedding and the nude appearance on the cover of Paper, sex tape licenses skyrocketed to $50,000 a week.

Additionally, Ray J’s record sales have been impressive, hitting six figures.

In 2008, sales of his album All I Feel were estimated at $389,000.

Similarly, sales for the 2001 album This Aint a Game are estimated at $328,000.

Additionally, in 1997, Ray earned an estimated $107,000 from sales of the album Everything You Want.

Ray J Net Worth by Country

Let’s take a look at Ray J’s net worth in various currencies including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR €12,425,000
GBP £10,564,610
Australian dollar 19,648,860 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 18,029,620 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 1,068,284,000 rupees
Bitcoin ฿290

Ray J | House and Car


Millionaire Ray J has a net worth of $14 million. He owns a luxurious mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

The mansion alone is worth $2.7 million. The house is just eight blocks from the Kims’ home.

He also has another mansion in Miami that is about 6,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

The Miami mansion is the primary residence of the Ray J family.

In 2009, Ray J rented a house in Los Angeles, California to film the first season of For Love With Ray J. The house is worth about $3.15 million.


The singer has a large collection of expensive cars. He has different cars for different purposes.

He gets to work in a Mercedes-Maybach S550, then drives even cooler in a Range Rover and does stunts in a $230,000 Lamborghini Spyder.

Ray J and his new car
Ray J with a new car (Source:

His list also includes a Ferrari 458 with an estimated value of $474,980 and a Rolls-Royce Ghost with an estimated value of $311,900.

Ray J gave the Love Princess a $165,000 Mercedes S63 AMG for her birthday. He has given her a 2012 Bentley before.

Ray J | Lifestyle and Vacations

Famous superstar Kim Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend lives a life of luxury.

His father was a gospel singer as well as a vocal coach. He mentored Ray J and his sister Brandy Norwood. Brandy Norwood is a famous singer and actor.

Ray J is the cousin of popular rapper Snoop Dogg.

The singer has a history of dating high-profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Whitney Houston, Karyn Stevens, Lil’ Kim, and Monica Leung.

Ray J and wife Princess Love
Ray J with wife Princess Love (Source:

Now he is married to Princess Love. The two met on the set of the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. They have two children, a 2-year-old girl named Melody Love Norwood and an 11-month-old boy named Epic Ray Norwood.

The couple was recently spotted on a yacht in Miami. It turns out that the couple had chartered a yacht for a week.

Ray J and Princess Love have been in Miami for some time and plan to settle there.

Last year, Ray J was spotted vacationing at a private resort with Mendy and Yandy Smith.

His favorite vacation destinations include Moscow and Kiev.

In 2018, Ray J decided to go back to college. The entrepreneur enrolled at HBCU (Historically Black College) Philander Smith College to expand his technology business.

Ray J | Charity

Ray J not only has a big house, but he also has a big heart. In 2019, Ray J and RD Whittington purchased a yellow 1967 Chevrolet Camaro at auction for $165,000, all of which was donated to charity.

This charity aims to help victims of child abuse.

In 2017, he participated in a charity basketball event sponsored by the Essence Festival, where singers such as Ray J played against former NBA players.

This event aims to raise money for children in New Orleans.

Know Prize’s Net Worth, Music Career and Lifestyle

Ray J | Music, Film, Investing, Endorsements


The singer started her career with her debut album, Everything You Want, which sold 100,000 copies and earned $107,000.

Following his success, he released the single “Let It Go” which sold 300,000 copies and earned an additional $328,000. Ray J reached number 25 on the US R&B chart.

Ray J collaborated with his sister Brandi on the song “Another Day in Paradise,” which reached the top 10 across Europe.

Estimated revenue generated by Ray J’s record label, Knockout Entertainment $17,206 on an annual basis. The label also signed other artists such as Brandy and Shorty Mack.

movies and tv shows

Ray J is young and started appearing in TV commercials when he was eight years old. He started his acting career as the adopted son of Sinbad Shaw.

He then appeared in movies like ‘Martian Attacks’, ‘Steel’ and ‘Envy’. His films grossed $101.4 million, $299.3 million and $14.58 million at the box office.

Ray J changed his acting career when he started his own reality dating show, For the Love of Ray J, on VH1. Two seasons later, he started another show, ‘Brandy’ and ‘Ray J: The Family Business’ with his sister Brandy.

The actor was one of the main cast of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. Launched in 2014, the show tells the story of Ray J and his wife Princess Love.An actor’s salary is approximately $25,000 all episodes.


Reality TV star Ray J has a net worth of $14 million, which includes income from investments excluding music and actors.

Ray J has its own line of consumer electronics called Raytronics, which makes e-bikes, smartphone-controlled fans, smartwatches, and more.

He signed a multi-million dollar deal with Cowboy Wholesale to expand its products, including Bluetooth audio and drones.

Ray J is co-founder of a direct-to-consumer wireless audio brand, Ray Kang. Raycon earbuds are water resistant and offer up to 6 hours of battery life. Last year, the company had sales of $36 million.

The musician-turned-entrepreneur owns the rights to The Life of Sue Knight. Sue Knight is a former record label CEO who is currently in prison for murder. Ray J plans to use Knight’s story in movies, TV shows and books.

A tech enthusiast, he invested in a new social media platform called ‘Tsu’. Tsu already has 1 million users, and Ray J said people love it.

Another of his ventures is the e-bike company LOOPShare. This is the beginning of his path towards green sustainability.

The actor has boldly launched his own marijuana product line called William Ray LA.

He is said to have spent $5 million to start the company.hello Chief Strategic Media Officer for The deal will get him an additional $1 million a year.


The love and hip-hop star managed to reach out to his fans as several brands wanted him to be the face of their products.

signed a million-dollar sponsorship deal with him Prince of King’s Landing, a skin care company. He agreed to promote the brand with Sophie Monk.

In addition to endorsements, the singer promotes her business through social media. Ray J charges her $2,300 for sharing information with her over 600,000 followers.

With all the money flowing, Ray J’s net worth is currently at $14 million and could grow in the future.

Ray J | Careers

In 1995, rapper Ray J signed a recording contract with Elektra Records.

He released his debut album in 1997. The song “Let It Go” from the album reached number 25 in the US.

However, he was exiled in the same year.

Since then, he has worked on several projects, including the soundtrack to Mr. Dolittle, and has also produced soundtracks for commercials.

Fun facts about Ray J

  • At one point, he offered $2.4 million for the house next door to Kim Kardashian.
  • Ray J is not only hard working, he is also lucky. Earlier this year, the singer won $17,000 playing penny slot machines at Los Angeles’ San Manuel Casino. His wife, Princess Love, said he had a gambling addiction.
  • Ray J is a close friend of Ghanaian actor Michael Blackson.


Does Ray J own ZEUS?

No, Lemuel Plummer owns the ZEUS network. Ray J and Princess Love produced One Mo’ Chance for ZEUS.

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