Qaim Ali Shah Death News Viral On Internet: Is Pakistani Politician Dead Or Alive?

Qaim Ali Shah death news went viral on the Internet. A politician from Pakistan named Syed Ali held the position of Chief Minister of Sindh for three periods.

He was elected to the MPA six times, the Member of the National Assembly (MNA), and the Senate once after winning seven of the eight general elections he ran in.

On March 21, 2013, Shah’s second stint as Sindh’s chief minister ended.

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Following the general elections in 2013, he was once more, for the third time, elected to the position of Chief Minister of Sindh.

The PPP leadership chose Syed Murad Ali Shah to succeed Shah as chief minister of Sindh in July 2016.

Let’s get to the root of Qaim Ali Shah death news that went viral online.

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Qaim Ali Shah Death News Viral On Internet: Is Pakistani Politician Dead Or Alive?

During his most recent two mandates, he has served as Chief Minister of Sindh for the most time—eight years total.

He was elected to the Provincial Assembly (MPA) from PS-220 and was the PPP’s president for Sindh (Khairpur-1).

Wikipedia claims that he passed away on March 5, 2023, although this information seems false, and no reliable source has at this time attested to it.

Qaim Ali Shah Death
Qaim Ali Shah Death news. (Source: The News International)

Shah entered politics in the 1960s when he won the position of district council chairman in Khairpur under Field Marshal Ayub Khan’s Basic Democracies regime.

He joined Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP shortly after the organization’s founding in 1967 due to his close relationship with Bhutto.

He ran for office as a PPP candidate from Khairpur Mirs in the 1970 general elections, defeating both Comrade Syed Ghous Ali Shah and Comrade Syed Baqir Ali Shah, the provincial head of the National Awami Party (Wali) and a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan’s council.

Early Life Details of Qaim Ali Shah

In Khairpur Mirs, Syed Ramzan Ali Shah Jillani gave birth to Syed Qaim Ali Shah on September 13, 1933. Shah’s family was among the more prominent and well-educated families in Khayrpur state.

Shah’s family wed the young Shah to a relative after he finished his early schooling at Naz High School. Shah continued on to Karachi to pursue further schooling.

Shah attended Karachi University, where he enrolled and graduated with a degree in arts. Afterward, he graduated from S. M. Law College with a Bachelor of Law.

Shah profited from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Company and advice while he was a Sindh Muslim Law College student, forging a friendship that would last for the rest of his professor’s life.

Who Is the Wife of Qaim Ali Shah: Is He Married?

Shah’s wife number three. His family set up his first union with a cousin as a teenager.

Shah’s family arranged his second marriage to Husn Afroze Brohi, the sister of A. K. Brohi, by the time conventions after he completed his studies in Karachi.

Both of his wives died before him. Husn Afroze passed away in the late 1970s from breast Cancer, and Shah’s first wife died from a severe disease a few years later.

Qaim Ali Shah Death
Qaim Ali Shah death news might be a rumor. (Source: Dawn)

Shah contracted his marriage to his current wife following the wishes of his family and friends after spending some time as a widower.

Seven girls and four sons make up Syed Qaim Ali Shah’s family. His daughter from his marriage to Husn Afroze is the politician Nafisa Shah.

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