Philip Kahn Went Missing 22 Years Ago, Dead Body Found Partially Skeletonized In Atlantic Ocean

People are searching about Philip Kahn missing as Philip Kahn, an 84-year-old man who Went Missing 22 Years Ago

officials found a dead body partially skeletonized in the Atlantic Ocean, identified as Philip Kahn.

It is unknown how his body got into the ocean at the time of writing this article, as the officials have yet to disclose more information.

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Philip Kahn Missing: His Dead Body was Found Partially Skeletonized In the Atlantic Ocean

The partially skeletonized remains of an unidentified guy found in the Atlantic Ocean, 27 miles off the coast of Maine, close to the Grand Manan Banks, have been positively identified after 22 years by the Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Mr. Philip Kahn’s remains have been recognized as his.

In July 2000, Mr. Kahn, who was 84 at the time, flew from Las Vegas, Nevada, to New York City. He’s still off the coast of Maine, and it’s unclear how or why that happened.

The OCME performed an autopsy and collected DNA and fingerprints after the remains were discovered in 2000. The FBI received the fingerprints, but no matches were found.

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The FBI’s Combined DNA Index received the DNA sample. However, there was no match.

The OCME hired Parabon Nanolabs in 2019 to study the DNA and try forensic genealogy, but neither endeavor yielded any promising clues.

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However, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services, Deceased Persons Identification Services Division, and the OCME convened in March 2022 to discuss new technology made accessible by the FBI. The FBI matched the unidentified person’s fingerprints and dental records to Mr. Kahn, who had been reported missing in Las Vegas in 2000, after the OCME forwarded the unknown person’s fingerprints to DPI Services in May 2022.

The identification has been communicated to Mr. Kahn’s next of kin.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (, which is accessible to the public, contains a list of the missing and unidentified people from Maine.

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