Paul Wall Net Worth: Lifestyle & Career

American rapper Paul Wall has a net worth of about $5 million.

Paul Wall has worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Over the course of his career, Paul has released 12 studio albums and numerous mixtapes.

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In 2007 he was nominated grammy awards for best rap performance A song with rapper NellyGrizz”.

paul wall
Paul Wall (Source: Pinterest)

The rapper was born on March 11, 1981 in Houston, Texas, USA.

He attended Jersey Village High School in Texas, where he was introduced to the hip-hop industry by Mike Jones.

Therefore, he was obsessed with music since childhood.


Let’s take a closer look at rapper Paul Wall.

full name Paul Michael Slayton
known as paul wall
date of birth March 11, 1981
place of birth Houston, Texas, USA
right of residence we.
Year 42 years old
Country of Citizenship American
Race American
sex Man
Horoscope Pisces
religion Christianity
parents Ricky Slayton
relationship status marriage
wife crystal wall
child William Patrick Slayton

Noel Slayton

expensive 5’6″
weight 56kg
eye color blue
hair color black
educate high school dropout
Profession Actor, DJ, Musician, Rapper
Social media Instagram, twitter
net worth $5 million
latest update July 2023

Paul Wall: Net Worth and Income

Accomplished rapper Paul Wall has a net worth of $5 million.

He has amassed millions of dollars doing great work as a rapper, actor, DJ and entrepreneur.

But the versatile rapper also makes money from clothing lines.

Apart from that, he has earned millions of dollars by appearing in various movies and video games.

Paul signed with Atlantic Records and released hits such as “”.get cashkeep it real. ”

album income

Paul also made a fortune through sales of his solo albums.

In addition, we have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

150,000 album sales in 2002 keep you in the right frame of mind It was on sale.

He earned $157,000 for his collaboration with Chamillionaire on the album.

In 2005, he made a lot of money with his album. champion of the people.

Similarly, on another of his albums, make money, keep it real, In 2007, it sold over 92,000 copies and made about $94,000.

In 2010, his album “Gross” champion heart $97,000.

The album sold approximately 92,000 copies in the United States.

film and commercial income

The rapper also dabbled in movies, which added to his fortune.

In addition to his work in the entertainment field, Paul Wall is also considered an entrepreneur.

He now runs a company that manufactures diamond encrusted grillz for millionaire clients.

Paul Wall: Net worth in various currencies

Let’s take a look at Paul Wall’s net worth in various currencies including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR EUR 5,952,835
GBP GBP 5,079,725
Australian dollar Australian dollar 9,603,377
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar 8,829,275
indian rupee $ 520,199,050
Bitcoin ฿150

Paul Wall: House and Car


In January 2006, the rapper purchased a luxury home in Humble, Texas, USA for $2 million.

Over 4,961 square feet with 4 beds and 4 bathrooms.


Paul Wall is known for its striking style, especially its silver grille and vibrant car collection.

Walls are found in many luxury cars.

He likes collecting the most expensive cars that match his personality.

His latest car is a shiny red chrome Cadillac CT6.

paul wall card
Paul Wall (Source: Facebook)

Wall shows off a custom grille and rims from a dark silver 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe.

This sophisticated SUV is stunningly elegant with a premium leather interior and exquisite diamond-stitched panels.

The most notable addition to Paul Wall’s collection is his classic 1976 Cadillac El Dorado convertible.

Built in true Houston slab style with a deep cherry red paint finish and lots of chrome.

Paul Wall: Lifestyle and Holidays

Paul is a multi-millionaire who has achieved fame and fortune through his dedication to his work.

But the Houston rapper lives a very delicate and simple life.

Paul is married to Crystal Slayton.

The two married on October 22, 2005 after dating for a long time in college.

They have been married for 11 years.

Paul Wall family photo
Paul Wall and family (Source: Pinterest)

The adorable couple has two children, William Patrick and Noel, and they look very happy.

He and his wife maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are completely organic when it comes to meal plans and regular exercise.


Paul Wall is a patriot who loves his children and his wife.

He never takes a chance to make them feel special and loved.

He often surprises them with vacations and trips.

The couple also frequented family dinners at fine dining restaurants.


Paul Wall was a generous and kind man.

He is actively working to raise awareness of the impact blood diamonds have on poor communities.

Wall is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In addition, Paul Wall will appear at the halftime charity show.

This charity event was held to raise awareness about bone marrow donation and transplantation.

Houston rapper Paul Wall teamed up with Cricket Wireless to give a struggling woman a $5,000 check for adoption costs.

The rap artist has also donated generously to frontline health workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Wall: albums, movies, endorsements, investments


studio album

Paul’s first solo album was released in 2004 and was titledchick magnet. ”

The album features 13 songs by Mike Jones, Bun B, Killer Mike and more.

He then released another album, The Peoples Champ, in September 2005.

His solo single soared to the top of the Billboard charts and catapulted him to stardom.

In 2007, he released his third album, Get Money, Stay True, which was an instant hit.

It also topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

“Sitting’ Sidewayz” and “Girls” are the two most popular songs on the album.

He has since produced other albums such as Fast Life, Heart of a Champion, The Poet and Slab God.

Similarly, “Houston Oiler,” “Bounce Backs Over Setbacks,” and “Mind Over Matter” were among the rapper’s biggest hits.

collaboration album

Paul has several commercially successful albums.

he released a hit album I understand what you mean correct and dispute sale Collaboration with rapper Chamillionaire.

Paul works with Baby Bash The Legalizer: Legalize or Die, Vol. 1.

anddiamond boy It’s a collaboration between him and rapper C Stone.

he also posted appreciated Collaboration with Statik Selektah.

Additionally, Paul and Lil Keke co-produced the album tablet talk.


Paul Wall has also acted in numerous films.

Wall co-stars in horror movie “out of the furnace”In 2007, he co-starred with rapper and actor Ja Rule.

Paul Wall: 'I wish they served hell beer'
Paul in the movie “I wish hell served beer” (Source: Pinterest)

Soon after, he acted in a movie.I wish I could drink beer in hellwith Jesse Bradford and Matt Zachary.

he also appeared in Predator X and dramatic features holy spoof.


Paul works with social and mobile game companies jumper media create”battle rap star“In 2011.

The world’s first mobile phone battle rap game.

A year later, he teamed with Slim Thug for a mixtape for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston.


Paul Wall also has a large following on social media.

He is often seen on social media endorsing luxury fashion brands.


In addition to his work in the entertainment field, Paul Wall is also considered an entrepreneur.

The Houston rapper’s obsession with ice accessories extends from teeth to cars.

Wall now has its own line of chrome and cubic zirconium automotive grilles and rims.

He now runs a company that manufactures diamond encrusted grillz for high-profile clients.

Paul has served celebrities like Lil Jon and T.I.


After dropping out of high school, he chose the path of music. Wall got the chance to work with rapper Charmi Lionel. Wall was likewise given the opportunity to rap on Michael Watt’s radio show.

In 1999, Wall and Chamillion launched “Chорріin Еm Uр Раart 2” with Watts’ backing.

This release was so great, it helped us meet the needs of our users and is now included in many of Watt’s products. ls.

In 2004, Раul Wall released his first solo album “Сhіck Маgnet”.

After a solo career, he launched Тthe Реорlesѕ Сhamр in 2005, which reached #1 on the Top 200 charts.

In 2006, he reached #8 on the Billboard 200 with the song “Get Money, TAY TRUE”.

Раul released its fourth album in 2009.

Awards and Nominations

  • МТV Video Award 2005
  • 2006 Ringtone of the Year Award
  • 2006 Best Collaboration Award
  • 2006 Best Newcomer Award
  • 2007 Grammy Award for Best Rap Vocal Award

Untold facts about Paul Wall

  • During the 2008 election campaign, Paul publicly voiced his support for US President Barack Obama. He is a member of the “Vote for Barack” movement.
  • Mr. Wall has performed several times for the deployed U.S. military.
  • Paul Wall became famous after pursuing a solo music career.


How did Paul Wall lose so much weight?

Rapper Paul Wall lost over 130 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2010.

How did the name Paul Wall come about?

His real name is Paul Michael Slayton. Before working at Swisha House, he was named Paul Wall by his cousin his OG Ron C his.

Is Paul Wall a dentist?

Paul Wall is a “hip-hop dentist,” meaning he sells custom diamond grills to other rappers.

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