Patty Tiu Illness And Health Update: Does She Have A Cancer?

Patty Tiu illness has dragged the eyes of many once she shared a retirement announcement on January 2023. Here’s what we know about her health condition.

Patty Tiu is a favored DJ and musician from the Philippines. The talented personality is widely recognized for her outstanding Djiig skills. Her career kicked off at PR/Marketing for a DJ Studio.

Since 2010, Tiu also began participating in DJ competitions and has won many of them. With her Djing job, she has traveled to many places. 

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Moreover, DJ Patty Tiu has gained a massive fan base from many places around the world. She also has a strong presence on Instagram, and her fans were saddened by the news of her retirement from being a DJ. 

DJ Patty Tiu announced via her social media pages that she would retire from this field and shared a statement on January 20, 2023.

However, she recently announced that she would perform in some cities in the Philippines. 

Patty Tiu Illness: Does She Have A Cancer?

Patty Tiu’s illness has dragged the eyes of many as it was revealed that she was diagnosed with esophageal Cancer in 2011. It’s been over a decade, and she is still fighting with it.

Following the first diagnosis in 2011, the prominent DJ decided not to have chemotherapy. Despite that, she has undergone a total of five surgeries; three were significant.

In January 2023, DJ Tiu gave an interview with Rappler, where she discussed her diagnosis. She said that she was experiencing her symptoms more frequently. 

Patty Tiu
Patty Tiu is having fun with her friends. (Source: Instagram)

It is also reported that she only had five to eight years to live since her high-grade malignant cells would start to spread to a new area. A gastronomy tube in her stomach helps her reach her nutritional goals. 

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Patty Tiu’s Recent Health Update

As mentioned earlier, Patty Tiu is suffering from Cancer and has already announced her retirement.  On January 20, 2023, she made a post on Instagram about her retirement.

While giving an interview with Rappler, Tiu said that she was 22 years old when she discovered her Cancer. Most of the time, she feels dizzy and experience pain in her chest and abdomen. Also, she throws up blood sometimes.

DJ Patty also faced bullying at an early age. When she was eight, she was bullied in her school. Due to that, she also attempted suicide but survived. However, she ended up with damaged internal organs.

Once, she stayed in the intensive care unit for six months in a coma. Going through many hard times from a young age, Tiu has come a long way and is still battling an illness. 

Patty Tiu’s Last Shares Schedule Of Her Last Performance

Fans thought that Patty Tiu would retire in January 2023 as she had given a statement amount retirement. However, she recently took to Instagram to share the schedule of her upcoming performances.

Tiu said that she would perform in some cities, which has helped her be in the current stage. She gave location details of her event starting from January 2023 and ending on June 2023. 

Patty Tiu
Patty Tiu sharing her final performance schedule. (Source: Instagram)

DJ Patty will end her Djing career by giving her last performance in June at Mati City. Moreover, she will surely give more updates about her plans via her Instagram. We can follow her as @pattychooo. 

She is a fun-loving nature and often spends her time traveling and hanging out with her husband and friends. We often see Patty partying and enjoying the moment on her Instagram handle. 

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