Patricio Escobar Accident: What Happened To The Cyclist? Injury And Health Update

Patricio Escobar, a mountain biker, was involved in an accident. Here’s what happened.

Patricio started participating in bike races when he was 15 years old. At the beginning (1993), he combined Cross-Country and Downhill riding.

He discovered a new interest, the trials bike, two years later, when he was 17 years old. Following that, a 20-year partnership gave him some of his best cycling experiences and abilities.

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His relationship with the bike is mostly maintained through his YouTube channel, where all videos are managed & edited with merely a mouse that he moves with his head.

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Patricio Escobar Accident: What Happened To The Cyclist?

Patricio, a mountain biker from Colombia, was injured in October 2019 while riding an MTB.

After an accident, he suffered broken vertebrae in his C3 and C4 on October 12 while on a mountain bike training ride with buddies.

He had to wait for the swelling to subside before having surgery to fuse his C3, C4, & C5 vertebrae to stabilize the area after being transported to the hospital in Bogota.

Patricio Escobar Accident
Patricio, a mountain biker from Colombia, was injured in October 2019 while riding an MTB (Source: Instagram)

At this point, he still doesn’t have feeling in his arms or legs, and there isn’t much information about his long-term prognosis, but with an injury, this serious recovery will take a while.

Patricio is a close friend of ExpressiveBikes and a famous figure in the Queensland trials scene because of his time in Australia, which they expressed in a  after his accident.

Patricio Escobar Injury And Health Update

Patricio Escobar, a downhill biker and bike triathlete, experienced a life-altering accident in 2019 that impacted his career and the culture at large.

Patricio suffered a life-altering fracture of his C3, C4, and C5 vertebrae, rendering him unable to move anything below the level of his chest (quadriplegic).

Patricio Escobar Accident
Patricio Escobar won the 2008 Australian Trials National Champion 20 (Source: Instagram)

People have organized a fundraiser in support of his recovery. This fundraiser’s goal is to assist Patricio, his family, and his kids in adjusting to the difficulties they will encounter.

Moving on, Escobar accomplished several notable feats during his brief three-year career on the Enduro bike, including winning the 2017 National Enduro Masters Cup and placing second in the 2018 EWS Manizales Colombia.

His current key goal is to make the most of recovery. Additionally, on October 2022, he expressed his three-year struggle through his Instagram account with a video.

He captioned it, “3 years ago today when he faced the dilemma between life or death and he chose the first one. He decided to live, and he wants people to remember that today.

Additionally, he said he wants them to feel the inspiration that drives him to rise and shine daily. Although choosing death would have been considerably simpler, things that take the most work is always the most enjoyable. Therefore, adding a little bit more is preferable to doing nothing.

Inside Patricio Escobar Career

Patricio began competing in bike races when he was just 15 years old. He blended cross-country and downhill riding in the beginning.

He is the 2017 Masters Enduro Champion and a 15-time national trials champion.

Similarly, Escobar represented Colombia by placing second in the 2014 South American Championships and winning significant contests from Australia to Japan, Chile to France, and the Australian national championship in 2008.

He has his own Youtube channel . He currently has 416k subscribers. 

Not only on YouTube, but Escobar is also active on Instagram under the username @patricioescobar. He currently has 13k followers and 828 posts. 

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