Patricia Sitya Loss Death Hoax: Is Patricia Nabakooza Dead Or Alive?

The news of Patricia Sitia’s death spread quickly. Patricia Nabacousa, a dancer for slum triplets, was confined to a bed at Nakasero Hospital because of her throat problem.

Triplet Ghetto Kids dancer Patricia Sitia Los Navacousa, 18, was targeted by raiders and ravenous urban hyenas.

However, the woman advised Patricia to move on until she succeeded and warned her to stay away from these guys.

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Patricia Sitia Roth is currently in S5 and is dating famous teens of legal drinking age, including Baby Gloria and Vivian Tendo.

Triplet Ghetto Kids dancer Patricia Nabacousa is currently battling a sore throat and is bedridden at Nakasero Hospital.

The group’s manager, known as ‘Teacher Teacher’, Dawda Kavuma, revealed the dire condition of Nabakuza on Thursday morning.

Read this article for news and other details about the passing of Patricia Sitia Roth.

Patricia Sitia Defeated by Death Hoax: Is Patricia Nabakuza Dead or Alive?

The news of Patricia Sitia’s death was false, she was ill and hospitalized, but doctors did not declare her dead.

Patricia Sitiya Ross, a well-known dancer with the Slam Kids/Triples ensemble, was rushed to the hospital after falling ill.

The alarming news was shared on social media channels along with photos and a moving prayer asking God for help from a dance partner.

Patricia Sitia Ross dies
The obituary of Patricia Sitia has disappeared. (Source: Exclusive Bizz)

Patricia is currently undergoing treatment at Central Sero Hospital, and there are signs that she may benefit.

However, no specific illness has been made public that has adversely affected her health.

Ghetto Kids is asking you to show your support, wishing Patricia her courage and resilience as she recovers. They also prayed to God to give her the courage to get back on her feet.

Patricia Sitia loses health update

Sitia’s discredited Patricia Navacousa has reportedly died, but other sources in the intensive care unit suggest she is still alive after yesterday’s fatal accident.

Missing student Patricia Nabacousa has reportedly passed away. However, according to opposing sources, an official announcement has yet to be made.

The incident follows the death of Sitia Ross’ other child, Alex, 13, who was also involved in a horrific accident.

A photo of the girl is currently trending on social media. Renowned dancer Patricia Nabacusa (aka Patricia Sitia, “Lost Children of the Ghetto”/Triples) fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.

Patricia Sitia Ross dies
Patricia Sitia is not dead. (Source: Daily Monitor)

As they announced the heartbreaking news of Patricia’s illness, they posted photos on their social media accounts and fervently prayed for strength for their friends.

Patricia is being treated at Central Cerro Hospital, where reports say the medication is working. However, the general public is not informed that she died of an illness.

Healing takes a lot of courage and patience. As her sister begins her recovery journey, let us pray for her and ask God to give her strength in her recovery journey. ”

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