Obituary: Bill Dunham Death Cause Linked To Accident

Bill Dunham’s obituary details his life and achievements, including his successful career as a medical professional and his dedication to his family and community.

On January 4, 2023, William “Bill” Dunham Harter Jr. passed away after a long and brave battle with stage 4 cancer. He was a much loved member of the community and touched the lives of many with his kind heart, dedication to his work and love of his family.

He is a dedicated medical professional with a passion for providing the best possible care to his patients.

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This article presents Bill Dunham’s obituary, focuses on his life and achievements, and delves into the details of his death.

Bill Dunham Obituary Details

Bill was born on February 3, 1962 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the son of Marjorie Helen Shields Rutherford and the late William Dunham Hart Sr.

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Bill was elected nursing class chair and received the Distinguished Nursing Student Award. (Source:

He grew up in Ripley, West Virginia, graduated from Ripley High School in 1980, and worked at the Alpine Theater as a teenager.

After completing her studies, Bill began her career as a housekeeper at CAMC Memorial Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia.

Bill attended the University of Charleston on a CAMC Foundation Scholarship and graduated with a degree in Nursing in 1988. He was elected chairman of the nursing class and won the Outstanding Nursing Student Award.

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He joined CAMC’s ICU team as an RN and was soon promoted to Emergency Room Nurse Manager.

Bill Dunham’s cause of death linked to accident

There were rumors that Bill Dunham’s death was due to an accident, but there was no official confirmation or evidence to support such claims.

On January 4, 2023, William (“Bill”) Dunham Herter Jr. passed away at the age of 60.

Bill had a long battle with stage 4 cancer before his death. His obituary did not provide details about the type of cancer he had or when he was diagnosed with it.

It is important to keep in mind that cancer is a complex disease and that it starts and progresses differently from person to person.

Bill’s battle with cancer was undoubtedly a difficult one, but his obituary highlights his many achievements and joys in life, including a successful career as a medical professional.

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Ultimately, Bill’s legacy is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, and Bill’s memory will be cherished by those who knew and loved him.

Bill Dunham’s Wife: Is He Married?

Bill Dunham became a surgical technician in the endoscopy lab, where he met his future wife.

Bill is survived by his wife of nearly 38 years, Shauna Lee Harter, who lives in Vincent, Ohio. His children are Cheyana Weekly and Braxton Harter.

They married in Parkersburg on February 16, 1985 and had two children, Cheyana and Braxton.

After building a forever home in Vincent, Ohio, Bill moved to the Buckeye Family Health Center in Parkersburg. He served as a patient care coordinator and eventually became director of the Clarksburg office.

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He has since served as Executive Director of ServeCare Home Health in Parkersburg, Director of Emergency Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Director of Critical Care and Trauma Services at West Virginia University School of Medicine.

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