Nuria Sajjad Parents: Where Are They From? Wikipedia And Age

People are searching for Nuria Sajjad Parents as they lost their second child studying at The Study prep school to a vehicle crash on Thursday.

Following the car crash at The Study Prep School in Wimbledon, tragic news has emerged that eight-year-old Nuria Sajjad is the second child to have lost her life.

On Thursday, a 4×4 vehicle crashed through a fence and collided with the school building.

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The Metropolitan Police have verified the second fatality, which comes after the earlier confirmation of the death of another eight-year-old student, Selena Lau.

The authorities responded promptly to the incident at 9:54 am on Thursday, deploying 35 police vehicles to the scene.

They worked alongside paramedics to provide immediate medical assistance to the injured, resulting in 12 individuals being hospitalized.

Among those injured, a woman in her 40s remains in serious condition, while others, including a seven-month-old girl, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the car, a 46-year-old woman from Wimbledon, was arrested on the spot under suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

Although she was taken to the hospital, her condition was considered non-life threatening.

Sajjad’s passing was confirmed on Sunday, with her family describing her as the cherished light in their lives.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, expressed his condolences to Nuria Sajjad’s family and everyone affected by this tragic incident.

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Nuria Sajjad Parents: Where Are They From?

As mentioned earlier, the news has spread about the tragic loss of 8-year-old Nuria Sajjad in a devastating accident.

Following this, the community has come together in mourning, with a growing interest in finding information about her grieving parents.

Consequently, the search term “Nuria Sajjad Parents” has recently gained popularity.

Nuria Sajjad parents
Following their daughter’s demise, Nuria Sajjad’s parents have requested privacy during this challenging period (Source: The Sun)

While the incident has generated an outpouring of support and sympathy, the family has maintained their privacy, and little information has been made available.

To detail, Nuria’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sajjad, have decided to keep their identities confidential during this incredibly challenging period.

Only a press release has provided some insight into their current circumstances. In a released statement, they expressed profound sadness over losing their daughter.

According to them, Nuria held a special place in their hearts and brought immense joy, kindness, and generosity to everyone who knew her. 

Her presence was cherished by all who were fortunate enough to be a part of her life.

They further expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the emergency services and the exceptional staff at St George’s Hospital who helped Nuria during her last hour.

Nuria’s parents also thanked other parents of Nuria’s classmates and the staff of the Study Prep for their unwavering support in making her journey as comfortable.

More On Nuria Sajjad Parents: Wikipedia And Age

With deep sadness, Nuria Sajjad’s parents informed the heartbreaking loss of their dear Nuria on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Nevertheless, as stated, they have kindly asked for privacy to be respected as they grieve the loss of their beloved Nuria during this challenging time.

It is known that the little girl Nuria was only eight years old. Well, it is pretty apparent that she did not have a Wikipedia page.

Nuria Sajjad Parents
Selena Lau was another eight-year-old student who lost her life along with Nuria Sajjad (Source: LBC)

The Wimbledon community is in shock and distress following the harrowing incident at The Study Prep School.

A powerful 4×4 vehicle driven by an unidentified woman crashed through the school’s fence and collided with a group of children enjoying a party in the garden.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chaotic scene, noting that the driver appeared disoriented and had injured her tongue, as reported by LBC.

Witnesses also reported that the car suddenly accelerated, seemingly losing control, after initially stopping near the school.

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