North Carolina Darrin Hartness Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

Get insights on Darrin Hartness obituary details as the North Carolina resident passed away on July 11, 2023. How did he die?

Darrin Hartness was the President of Davidson-Davie Community College. In January 2019, he was named the fourth president of Davidson-Davie Community College.

He worked in public education for 27 years, most recently for 11 years as the superintendent of Mount Airy City Schools and Davie County Schools, before taking the helm as college president.

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In addition to these positions, he has also held the positions of adjunct professor, chief technology officer, assistant superintendent, and instructor.

The University of North Carolina in Charlotte is where Dr. Hartness received his doctorate in educational leadership as well as his master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction and instructional systems technology.

He graduated from Appalachian State University with a secondary education and a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology.

Hartness received the William and Ida, Friday Medal, for Educational Innovation in 2017.

He also participated in the 2019 Aspen Presidential Fellowship, which The Aspen Institute offered to a select group of community college administrators in partnership with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative.

His peers chose Hartness as the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Association of Community College Presidents in 2022.

North Carolina Darrin Hartness Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

Darrin Hartness sadly passed away on July 11, 2023. As a result, the entire educational community, as well as people from North Carolina, mourns the loss of Darrin. 

However, the details of the President’s final rites have not been published yet. Since his death news just surfaced hours back, the official obituary may take some time to post online.

For now, the obituary has not been made public by the Hartness family or the North Carolina neighborhood. But most likely, the President’s final rites will be handled by his family, and he will be cremated at the nearby crematorium.

Darrin Hartness Obituary
Dr. Darrin L. Hartness has worked as an educator in North Carolina for his whole professional life. (Source: Davidson-Davie Community College)

His family, friends, and community will draw comfort from the memories of his happy life as they deal with this loss. Likewise, his family will request privacy as they mourn the loss.

His unrelenting commitment to North Carolina’s educational system and caring leadership have profoundly impacted countless people’s lives.

Dr. Hartness prioritized developing a compassionate and caring culture among students, instructors, and staff during his time at Davidson-Davie.

He recognized the importance of an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere for children to succeed academically and personally.

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He fostered community involvement, organized mentoring programs, and raised awareness of mental health issues through several initiatives.

Likewise, Hartness led with an approachable and compassionate demeanor. He encouraged team empowerment and fostered an environment where everyone felt heard and respected.

He became a beloved character in the collegiate community because of his genuine concern for others.

Darrin Hartness Death Cause: How Did The Davidson-Davie Community College President Die?

The President of Davidson-Davie Community College, Darrin Hartness, passed away after a valiant battle with cancer on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.  

Dr. Hartness suffered from esophageal cancer. He received his esophageal cancer diagnosis in December 2022 and was fighting the disease with the support of his family and his faith.

In reaction to this information, presidents of community colleges and public school superintendents from all over North Carolina also banded together to create a student scholarship fund.

Darrin Hartness Death Cause
State associations held a scholarship drive in Darrin Hartness’ honor. (Source: Davidson Local)

The fund was raised in honor of Dr. Hartness’s 39 years of service and his long career as an advocate for public education and child-centered education.

He was the superintendent of Davie County Schools and Mount Airy City Schools before joining DDCC.

The scholarship drive to commemorate Hartness was announced by the North Carolina Association of Community College Presidents (NCACCP) and the North Carolina School Superintendents Association (NCSSA) as having raised $35,800.

Hartness was married to his wife, Lisa. After 33 years of marriage, the educator and his wife, Lisa, are the proud parents of two kids, Madison and Molly.

Both girls have built successful careers in education, much like their parents. Molly teaches sixth grade at Greensboro Academy, while Madison is an assistant director of career coaching and academic at UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business.

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