No, Sophie Schmidt Is Not Lesbian: Meet Her Husband Nic

Many have asked, “Is Sophie Schmidt a lesbian?” Find out the truth about this famous Canadian footballer’s sexuality below.

You don’t need to explain the name Sophie Schmidt to your fans. The talented midfielder played for the NWSL’s Houston Dash and has been playing professionally since 2005.

As a midfielder, Sophie Schmidt has represented Canada at multiple World Cups and Olympics and has been praised for her technique, vision and on-pitch leadership.

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Her dedication to the sport sets an example for aspiring athletes around the world. However, there is some speculation about her personal life, especially her love affairs and sexuality.

This article aims to debunk this rumor and introduce readers to Sophie’s husband Nick, who has been an integral part of Sophie’s life and career.

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Is Sophie Schmidt Lesbian?

No, famous Canadian soccer player Sophie Schmidt is not a lesbian. In contrast, she is happily married to her husband Nick Kyle.

In today’s digital age, rumors and speculation can spread like wildfire, especially when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities.

One example was the false claim that Canadian soccer player Sophie Schmidt was a lesbian. This misconception is far from the truth.

sophie schmidt lesbian
Famous Canadian soccer player Sophie Schmidt is not a lesbian. (Image source: Equalizer Soccer)

Sophie introduces her husband and occasionally talks about her love life. However, the origin of the rumor is unknown.

It must be emphasized that an individual’s sexual orientation should never be the subject of speculation or gossip.

Sexual orientation is a very personal aspect of an individual’s identity, and it is important to respect individual privacy in this regard. As far as Sophie Schmidt is concerned, she has never publicly identified herself as a lesbian.

Still, rumors about Canadian soccer player Sophie Schmidt’s sexual orientation are unsubstantiated and inaccurate.

As fans and followers, we should honor her achievements and respect her right to privacy, regardless of her gender identity.

Sophie continues to focus on her sports career and continues to inspire many not only as a footballer, but as a role model for aspiring athletes around the world.

Let’s thank her for her dedication to the sport and her positive impact on her fans and community.

Meet Sophie Schmidt’s Husband Nick

As mentioned above, Sophie Schmidt is happily married to her husband, Nick Kyle. Loving couples have been together for several years.

sophie schmidt lesbian
Sophie Schmidt is married to actor and musician Nick Kyle. (Image credit: Wedding Bells)

Sophie and Nick got engaged in September 2017. A year later, the adorable couple exchanged vows in New Zealand in December 2018. At the time, the athlete shared this exciting news through a social media post.

Reportedly, Sophie Schmidt’s husband, Nicholas Kyle, is a musician and theater actor from New Zealand.

Kyle has appeared in musicals such as Les Miserables, All Stars, and The Phantom of the Opera. Her husband, an athlete, has also released albums such as “The Voice Within” and “On Broadway.”

Obviously, Nick has been a strong supporter of Sophie throughout her career.

Sophie often describes her husband as a very supportive and loving partner who has supported her in her successes and challenges.

Nick and Sufi’s relationship is built on mutual support and deep love. They have demonstrated unwavering mutual support on various occasions.

We wish the couple’s love and joy to last forever.

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