Nikolai Mushegian Death: Cryptocurrency Co-Founder Was Found Dead- Is He Armenian?

Nikolai Mushegian’s death shocked people after he passed away a few hours after writing a paranoid tweet expressing his worry that the CIA and Mossad would kill him.

Before his sudden and mysterious death on October 28, cryptocurrency developer Nikolai Mushegian had been dividing his time between Florida and Puerto Rico.

He paid $415,000 for a modest two-bedroom, two-bathroom House in the Fort Lauderdale region in 2017, according to records, when he was 24 years old. 

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Maker DAO, widely regarded as the most prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, was created by Mushegian in its early stages. Additionally, he played a significant role in creating stablecoins, currencies devoid of a central bank.

Nikolai Mushegian Death: Cryptocurrency Co-Founder Was Found Dead

Nikolai Mushegian, a brilliant young cryptocurrency pioneer, tweeted on October 28 that intelligence agencies would murder him. A few hours later, he was discovered dead on a beach in Puerto Rico.

At 4:57 in the morning, Mushegian, a creator of blockchain-based decentralized finance platforms, tweeted that he wanted to end global banking corruption. He also revealed that some sort of sex trafficking is being run out of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands by the CIA, Mossad, and the pedo elite.

Nikolai Mushegian Tweet
Nikolai Mushegian’s Tweet before his death. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he tweeted that they would torture him to death and frame him using a laptop that his ex-girlfriend, a spy, had planted.

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The 29-year-old then went for a stroll outside his $6 million beach House in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s wealthy Condado neighbourhood. A surfer off Ashford Beach found Mushegian’s body in the waves shortly after 9 am.

The area is so known for its riptides that nearby hotels advise against swimming in the ocean. Sources informed the Post that he was usually dressed and carried his wallet.

Is Nikolai Mushegian Armenian?

There are no trustworthy sources that claim Nikolai Mushegian is an Armenian.

Mushegian, a native of Russia raised in Kansas, relocated to Florida in 2017 to concentrate on the cryptocurrency industry.

Nikolai is a Carnegie Mellon University computer science alum. In 2014, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He was the Miami-based DappHub CEO. He spent October 2015 through January 2018 working on the project.

From June to August 2015, Nikolai was employed by @Google as a software engineer, where he focused on enhancing internal business tools.

From May 2014 to February 2015, he worked as a core developer for the Blacksburg, Virginia-based BitShares (BTS). He was a small group member that created a blockchain architecture for the next generation that set records for transaction throughput.

As part of his many blockchain projects, Nikolai developed best practices for earned value management programming as part of “dappsys,” one of his most successful endeavours.

Nikolai Mushegian’s Death Had Nothing To Do With His Tweets

Several hours after sending this unsettling tweet, a surfer in Puerto Rico discovered Mushegian in the water. On October 29, a surfer at Ashford Beach found him in the water, still wearing his clothes and toting his wallet.

Nikolai Mushegian death
The developer was found dead at a beach near his $6 million beach house. (Source:

After speaking to Nikolai’s family in Florida, Brock Pierce, a well-known cryptocurrency entrepreneur, told The New York Post that he was confident Nikolai’s death was not suspicious.

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His mother clarified that his death was unrelated to his conspiracy theories. He was described as being both handsome and childlike by the speaker. She doesn’t often tell people as brilliant, but Nikolai was brilliant. He was also a phenomenal visionary.

Nikolai’s Father travelled to Condado, Puerto Rico, where he is said to have resided in a $6 million home because his family had grown worried for his welfare.

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