Nikki Allan Death Case: Where Is Murder Suspect David Thomas Boyd Now?

Nicky Allen’s death is in the spotlight as alleged murderer David Thomas Boyd denied murder charges. Learn more about the murder case here.

Nicky Allan is a 7 year old girl from Tyne and Wear, Sunderland. She lived with her mother, Sharon, and three siblings in the Willgers apartment.

Additionally, Ellen loves carnivals, exploring different locations with her school and having fun with her sisters and cousins.

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On October 7, 1992, Nikki was brutally beaten in the head with a brick and stabbed 37 times. George Herron was initially considered a murder suspect, but was acquitted at Leedscrown Court in 1993.

Nicky Allen’s death explained

Nicky Allan was just seven years old when he was murdered in a brutal murder spree. On October 8, 1992, police and 100 volunteers searched Nikki overnight and found her in the basement of her old trading building.

Police initially focused their attention on George Herron, who had recently moved to Ware Garth Flats to live with his sister. George initially denied knowing Nicky, but after witnesses emerged who claimed to have seen George and Allen together in the weeks before Nicky’s murder, he admitted he knew Nicky.

Death of Nicky Allen
Nicky Allen She was brutally murdered on October 7, 1992, when she was seven years old. (Source: Chronicle Live)

But most of the evidence against Heron is circumstantial. In 1993, a jury at Leedscrown Court acquitted him of murder charges.

Needless to say, Ellen was taken to a wasteland next to the Weir River where she was shot in the head and bled. Meanwhile, David Boyd allegedly murdered Nikki.

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Where Is Nicky Allen Murder Suspect David Thomas Boyd Now?

Nicky Allen murder suspect David Thomas reportedly in custody during murder trial . He was arrested on suspicion of murdering her in April 2018.

David is also known as Smith and Bell. The process of selecting a jury to try the case began Wednesday at Newcastle Crown Court, with potential jurors asked to consider whether they knew anyone involved in the murder.

During the trial, Boyd was asked to stand in the harbor so that potential jurors could see him. Candidate jurors are asked to consider whether they are related to the murder investigation.

Nicky Allen Murder Suspect
Nicky Allen Murder Suspect David Boyd-Thomas pleaded not guilty to the charges. (sauce: twitter)

As a result, David denied the murder charges. According to reports, Boyd was known to Ellen’s family and her nanny’s boyfriend. More information about this incident will be updated soon.

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Nikki Allen Wikipedia and Family

Nicky Allan, a young Sunderland schoolgirl, disappeared near her home in Sunderland on October 7, 1992, and was mentioned in the media after her body was found in an abandoned building.

Nicky Allen Mom
Nikki Allen’s mom Sharon Henderson in tears after her daughter’s death (Source: Miller)

She was close to everyone, so her family is in shock at the loss of their child. Her family still wants justice for her daughter, and the murder could be over soon once the trial begins.

British serial killer Stephen Greaveson was also arrested on February 4, 2014 in connection with the murder of Nikki.

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