Nicole Bastidas Sarasota Car Accident: Death News Gone Viral

News of the Nicole Bastidas Sarasota accident is making its way around social media. Read to the end if you want to know what the news is about.

Nicole Bastidas was reportedly one of the victims of a recent crash on Beniwa Road, just north of Weber Street. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, but has not released information about victims.

However, people online are looking for victims of the accident, and many speculate that the woman who died in the fatal accident was Nicole Bastidas.

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Since this is breaking news, the police department should provide more information. However, after researching verified sources, we will provide details when available.

Nicole Bastidas Sarasota Car Crash Details

As mentioned above, Nicole Bastidas was reportedly one of the victims in this incident. . Florida Highway Patrol also reported that an 18-year-old woman was dead and a 16-year-old man was seriously injured.

The shocking news has sparked speculation that it was Nicole who died in a car accident on Tuesday.

News of Nicole Bastidas Sarasota’s car accident quickly spread on the Internet. (Source: Telangana Today)

The SUV reportedly hit a tree shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday on Beneva Road, just north of Webber Street.

Officials said the car drove over the middle curb and hit a tree. The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene, and a 16-year-old man who was in the vehicle was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

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News of Nicole Bastidas’ death spreads quickly

A woman, Nicole Bastidas, was reportedly killed in a one-vehicle crash on Beneva road early Tuesday. The pair were driving an SUV on rue Benévois when they lost control of the car, drove over the center curb and crashed into a tree.

The FHP and Sheriff’s Department are investigating the incident. Additionally, Sarasota County Schools spoke out about the incident, saying the victim was not a student at the school.

Nicole Bastidas obituary
Nicole Bastidas was also reportedly among the victims. There was a car accident in Sarasota on Tuesday. (Source: Facebook)

They also reported providing resources to students who may need counseling. Police have not released the victim’s details or name, leaving some people looking for Nicole Bastidas.

Therefore, we can say that Nicole may have died in a car accident. We will provide further updates in the near future as police are investigating the incident.

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Who are the victims of the Sarasota car crash?

As mentioned above, the Sarasota accident shocked many and the victim’s name was reportedly Nicole Bastidas. An 18-year-old woman died and a 16-year-old man was hospitalized.

As such, no further updates regarding this crash have been provided at the time of this writing. After the news was shared on Facebook, netizens began paying tribute to his family.

pay respect
Facebook is inundated with tributes to the victims of the recent car crash. (Source: Facebook)

One Facebook user wrote: “So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to these families. Sarasota’s death toll continues to climb and is getting more and more dire. Sarasota has just become overcrowded.”

Our talented team of stars also pays tribute to the departed souls and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

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