Nicola Bulley Husband: Is She Married Paul Ansell? Missing Women Found Alive?

Nicola Bulley Husband, Paul Ansell, described they have been living in “Perpetual hell” since she went missing on 27 January.

Her two little daughters are waiting for her to come back.

Nicola Bulley, who went out to walk her dog from her Inskip House, vanished into thin air.

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The 45-year-old blonde has two baby girls at home, and her family is having a hard time.

Neither Police nor Nicola’s family have been able to locate her since being last seen on 27 January 2023, walking along a footpath near the River Wyre off Garstang Road in St. Michael’s on Wyre.

A search team found her dog and phone near the riverbank. Nicola Bulley has two young daughters with her spouse Paul Ansell.

The missing woman’s family is in utter disbelief and is searching for her desperately.

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Nicola Bulley Husband: Is She Married To Paul Ansell?

Nicola Bulley, 45, is married to Paul Ansell and has two young daughters – aged six and nine.

Speaking from their House in Inskip, Nicola Bulley’s spouse said he and his family are in “perpetual hell.”

They are living through it, but it doesn’t feel real. “It is just utter disbelief,” added Mr. Ansell.

Nicola Bulley Husband
Nicola Bulley with her husband, Paul Ansell: the married couple’s two young daughters need their mother at home. (Image Source: Mirror)

Paul had spent a lot of time searching for her. He said their little girls need their mom at home.

“She needs to be found,” the missing woman’s partner said.

Search Ongoing For Missing Nicola Bulley: Is She Alive?

Police, the Fire service, and mountain rescue teams are involved in search of Nicola Bulley, who is also known by her nickname, Nikki.

As per Mr. Ansell, his wife would regularly drop their kids off at the local primary school and take their pet dog, Willow, for a walk along the river.

However, on Friday, Paul Ansell answered a call from the school claiming that someone found the phone belonging to Nikki and the harness of Willow on a bench.

Hearing the situation, Mr. Ansell immediately contacted Police. Nicola left her Inskip, Lancashire, House with her brown spaniel, Willow.

In terms of their lines of inquiry, Police said today they were maintaining an “open mind” and thought Ms. Bulley had vanished rather than been the victim of any crime.

Moreover, Superintendent Sally Riley disclosed that when the officers discovered Nicola’s mobile phone, it was still active.

Nicola Bulley missing
Nicola Bulley is still missing – an active search team, including Police, the Fire service, and mountain rescue teams, are doing their work. (Image Source: Mirror)

The Superintendent said the call was connected to a conference that had not ended.

Nicola Bulley Is A Mortgage Advisor

Nicola Bulley is a mortgage advisor by profession. She lived in Lancashire for over twenty-five years.

The 45-year-old is originally from Chelmsford, Essex. Thus, the missing woman still has a southern accent while speaking.

Furthermore, Nikki is characterized as being white.

Nicola Bulley stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and has shoulder-length light brown hair.

The last time anyone saw Nicola, she was wearing a long, hooded, black gilet jacket, black trousers, and olive-green ankle wellies.

Also, she was wearing a ponytail hairstyle.

People with information regarding Nicola Bulley’s whereabouts or who have seen her are encouraged to call 101 and reference log 473 from 27 January.

If there are any sightings, they are requested to call 999 right away. Hopefully, the missing lady will soon be found.

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