Nicola Bulley Found Dead: Her Partner Paul Ansell Is Suspect After Her Death

Nicola Bulley Found Dead, and her partner Paul Ansell is suspected of her death. She “vanished into thin air,” according to Nicola Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell, who also claims that he “can’t wrap his brain around it.”

One week after the missing mother-of-two Nicola Bulley vanished, her partner vowed he would “never lose hope.”

When asked how the 45-year-old had disappeared, Paul Ansell claimed he “cannot get his head around” it and that his main concern was for their two kids.

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Last Friday morning, Nicola was seen walking her dog close to the River Wyre at St. Michael’s on Wyre (January 27).

This morning (February 3), Mr Ansell informed broadcasters that “every single scenario comes to a brick wall” while standing close to the location where she was last seen. Every one of them.

“We are sitting there and running over each scenario repeatedly. “The family’s remarks from yesterday are all I truly have to say.

Even though a week has passed, it appears as if nothing has changed. Simply said, it seems like a dream come true.” Let’s get to know more about Nicola Bulley Found Dead.

Nicola Bulley Found Dead 

Friends of Nicola Bulley have demanded that hateful trolls leave her distraught partner Paul Ansell alone. After dropping her two children off at school, Nicola went missing while walking the dogs last Friday.

Her phone was discovered on a bench in St. Michael on Wyre, Lancashire after she made a work Teams call, and her dog was discovered wandering near the river.

Tilly Ann, Nicola’s friend, has already released a statement in response to online rumours about her absence.

Nicola Bulley Found Dead
Nicola Bulley Found Dead. (Source: Birmingham)

“Paul and Nikki both work from home a lot, which is why he was home that day,” she stated. Paul has never been considered a suspect, and they have CCTV. These charges must cease immediately for the sake of family and friends.

If Ms Bulley were to fall into the River Wyre, forensic expert Peter Faulding, founder and CEO of Specialist Group International, said he was convinced his team would discover her.

Shortly after reaching St. Michael’s on Wyre, Mr Faulding spoke to the media and stated, “If Nicola is here, I’m happy we will locate her if she’s in the river.”

Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Is a Suspect After Her Death

The missing dog walker’s partner claims that every theory about what transpired to her “hits a brick wall” and that he “doesn’t know how he’s functioning.”

A week ago, Ms Bulley, a 45-year-old mother of two and mortgage advisor from Inskip, Lancashire, disappeared while out for a dog walk. She had just dropped off her girls at school, ages six and nine.

The two daughters she left behind are now cared for by her partner, Paul Ansell.

Paul declared, “My two children are my entire focus, and I’m doing everything I can to support them. I sincerely hope that yesterday’s interview with the families yields any results.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to the community for all that they are doing. The degree of assistance is extraordinary. We won’t ever give up on ourselves.”

It happened as locals from St. Michael’s on Wyre gathered early on Friday to hold up posters along Nicola’s route.

Nicola Bulley Found Dead
Spouse of a missing Lancashire mother Every scenario, according to Nicola Bulley, leads to a “brick wall.” (Source: Lancs Live)

People “don’t just disappear into thin air,” according to Nicola Bulley’s mother, Father, and sister, who appeared in an interview on Thursday.

Paul also said, “It’s hard for me to comprehend that a week has passed, and we seem to have made no progress. It simply seems utterly impossible.

“Every single scenario encounters a dead end. It appears as though she has disappeared without a trace.

“I’m not sure how I’m handling things, and I don’t want to think about it. The girls are the only focus.”

Anyone with information regarding Nicola’s whereabouts or who has seen her is encouraged to call 101 and reference log 565 from 30 January.

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Nicola Bulley Disappearance: No Concrete Evidence And Police Theory

There is still no concrete evidence that would make sense regarding Nicola Bulley’s case. Because she has not been found for this long, many think she is dead; however, her family and friends are still working hard to find her.

According to Standard, Police have shared a theory regarding the case. As per the hypothesis,

“Ms. Bulley fell into the River Wyre while walking her dog Willow on January 27, and that her body has not been found because it has been swept towards Morecambe Bay.”

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Reddit Theories On Nicola Bulley Case

Where Police Officer has shared their point of view, people on Reddit share their own theory on Nicola Bulley’s case. Some of which are pretty ridiculous.

One of those theories is about UFO Abduction. Yes, you read that right. As noted by the , one of the Redditors is not following what Police have offered regarding the missing case, and the person believes she has been abducted.  

Following that post, some opposed that post, whereas one added “UFO,” making things go out of the topic. 

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