Netflix: Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd? His Net Worth At The Time Of Death

Why did Aaron Hernandez kill Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player? Lloyd was murdered on June 17, 2013, by Aaron Hernandez. 

Hernandez was an American football who played for New England Patriots in National Football League, NFL. The patriots selected him in NFL Draft in 2010. 

After spending three years with the NFL team England Patriots, he was arrested for murder, was found guilty, and was charged with first-degree murder in 2015. 

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Hernandez got acquitted of the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2017; after some days of spending his time in the cell, he was found hanging with the bed seat, he was immediately sent to the hospital, but they pronounced him dead at around 4 am, on April 19, 2017. 

After almost three years of his death, a Netflix documentary, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, was out; the series mentioned everything about the case. 

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Netflix: Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd?

Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd were in contact for 10 hours before Llyod’s death; they knew each other at a family function. 

Lloyd’s body was found one mile from the killer’s North Attleborough home. After they found him with the multiple shot, they reached for Hernandez, his only friend, near where his body was found.

Following the investigation of Odin’s death, it got discovered that the bubble gum that Hernandez purchased got stuck to a gun shell similar to the one Lloyd got shot with, and the DNA matched Hernandez’s. 

Also, they found out that the rental car for killing him was in the name of Hernandez; after that, the crime scene was scanned, and they found the shoe tracks, which were later found to be similar has Hernandez. 

Aaron Hernandez And The Murder Of Odin Lloyd
Aaron Hernandez And The Murder Of Odin Lloyd. (Image Source: Thoughtnova)

After conducting an investigation and having clear proof, Hernandez got arrested on June 26, 2013. In 90 minutes, he got released by the NFL team, The Patriots.

Later in September, his charges were dismissed, and he was found not guilty, but again after two years, in 2015, he was sentenced to lifetime prison. 

The reason behind shooting Odin to death was never found out, but Odin was the owner who found out about Hernandez being bisexual, so he was worried that he was confessing that to any of his family.

Still, the reason behind killing him has not been cleared out, but the documentary released on Netflix has shared the possible reason behind the death of Odin. 

Aaron Hernandez’s Net Worth Before Death

Hernandez, the murdered semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd is no more in this world; he died on April 19, 2017. 

Hernandez hung himself in jail with the bed sheet; he was on drugs just 30 hours before his death and was active for two days or five days before his death. 

After his death, his net worth was the top topic of discussion. In 2017, his net worth was $50 thousand, as per the . As of the Source, his net worth would be $1.5 million if he was alive. 

NFL star Aaron Hernandez 'killed strangers in drive-by shooting because one spilled drink on him'
NFL star Aaron Hernandez ‘killed strangers in the drive-by shooting because one spilled a drink on him’ (Image Source: Infobae)

Before being charged with first-degree murder, he earned significant money in his career as a professional football player. 

Additionally, along with his career as a football player, he might have had other sources of income, like business and investments, which were kept private. 

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