Nandipha Magudumana Father Arrested: Arrest Charges

The arrest of Nandifa Magdumana was followed on Saturday by her father. Tell me all about Nandifa Magdumana’s father and other affairs.

Nandifa Magdumana is best known professionally in South Africa as a physician, CEO and founder of Optimum Medical Aesthetics.

Additionally, the arrest of her and boyfriend Thabo Bestor has brought her family and personal life into the spotlight in the media.

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So after news of her recent arrest broke, online portals were flooded with the rest of her father’s case. Sources said Nandifa’s father was arrested on Saturday.

In case you didn’t know, Nandipa was arrested in May 2022 after helping his partner Thabo escape from Manganese High Security Prison. Similarly, she was allegedly associated with convicted rapist and murderer Thabo.

Apart from her professional life, recent dramas have affected her personal life and Nandifa’s family is facing heavy criticism as her children drop out of school.

Nandifa Magdumana’s father arrested

Following the recent drama surrounding Dr Nandifa Magdumana, the media is flooded with news of her father’s arrest on Saturday.

When this news reached the major media, people started searching one after another, perhaps because they were curious about the arrest.

Sources say he was arrested by police who wanted all information to investigate the escape of his partner, Thabo Bestor.

Nandifa Magdumana's father
Various online sources tweeted about the arrest of Nandifa Magdumana’s father. (sauce: twitter)

As a result, further investigative proceedings followed, and Magdumana’s father was arrested for telling what he knew about his daughter and her partner Thabo.

Similarly, Thabo was convicted of murder and rape in 2011, but fled the Manganese Correctional Center in 2011 amidst a flurry of bold and detailed rumors.

Police are desperate for help to advance an investigation into the escape and allegations that have come to light in recent weeks, and are investigating.

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Nandifa Magdumana’s father arrested on suspicion

Nandifa Magdumana’s father was arrested on Saturday, but it was not clear what charges he was facing or when he would appear in court, sources said.

Nandifa’s father, who said two weeks ago he was worried about his daughter, was arrested along with three others, a person familiar with the matter said.

So far, no information about this suspicion has been revealed on the online portals, nor has the source spoken about it.

Therefore, further information may be updated as police find out more about Nandifa and her partner, with whom she has not been in contact for the past two weeks.

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Family Details of Dr. Nandifa Magdumana

Nandifa Magdumana is the mother of two daughters, Aziza and Ayana. Similarly, her daughter was also born from her previous marriage.

Nandifa Magdumana's father
Nandifa Magdumana poses with children, Aziza and Ayana. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the children are now in the custody of her ex-husband. On the day of her disappearance, Nandifa dropped her children off at school and never returned to pick her up.

In addition, my daughters were told they were on business trips, and were exposed to criticism and ridicule from their friends. Aziza and Ayana didn’t go to school until the play ended.

Her children, ex-husband and family are very disappointed in the choices she has made in life. Plus, the drama that was unfolding definitely got everyone on their toes.

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