Michael Blackson Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

African-American comedian Michael Blackson has a net worth of $2 million.

Popular with fans Internet dating for barbarians next fridayand many other interesting films.

Blackson has appeared on Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Tour.

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michael blackson movies
Michael Blackson (Source: Wiki Commons)

His highest-grossing film was One night in Las Vegas It grossed more than $219 million at the worldwide box office.

I also shot commercials for Comedy Central. chapelle show.

Successful stand-up comedians use their slight Ghanaian accent to articulate their African and American life experiences.

In 1992, Blackson put his comedic talents to good use at the Unfriendly Comedy Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michael Blackson | Overview

Let’s take a look at the life of Michael Blackson.

full name Jafari Ferguson Monrovia
nickname Michael
net worth $2 million
salary $320,000 per year
date of birth November 28, 1972
Year 50 years old
place of birth Monrovia, Liberia
Country of Citizenship USA, Ghana
zodiac Sagittarius
expensive 6’1″ (184cm)
weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
shoe size 9 (United States)
eye color Dark brown
hair color black
Profession Comedian, Actor, YouTuber, Writer
father’s name Kwakunsi Adom Bediaco
mother’s name not disclosed
Brothers and sisters younger sister
brother’s name i don’t know
marital status Unmarried
spouse/ Partner Miss Radha (fiancé, proposed) timebreakfast club)

Georgian Dynasty (ex-girlfriend)

sexual orientation straight
child 3
child’s name Michael Blackson Jr. and twins Nico Blackson and Noah Blackson
Race United States – Ghana – Liberia
educate Bertram High School
TV program Wild and Out, Living with Fun, Hip Hop Squares, Dr. Blacksons, Rich Africa, sick and well, MTV’s crib.
movie Introducing The Blacks, Coming 2 America, Repos, Token and Black Supaman.
has been active for several years 1989 to present
Social media facebook, instagram, twitterYouTube
Last update July 2023

Michael Blackson | Net Worth and Earnings

Michael Blackson Net Worth is $2 millionas of July 2023.

He made his fortune primarily through stand-up comedy and movies.

The Hollywood actor also owns a YouTube channel and earns a good amount of money from it. According to Social Blade, his estimated earnings on YouTube are: $231 and $3700 per year.

blackthons Other sources of income include brand promotion. He is popular on multiple social his media channels and is in contact with multiple brands.

Overall, Blackson’s salary is: almost $320,000 per year.

Michael Blackson net worth in various currencies

Let’s see how much Michael Blackson’s net worth is in different currencies.

currency net worth
EUR €1,791,340
GBP £1,490,500
Australian dollar 2,851,400 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 2,547,330 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 149,909,800 rupees
Bitcoin ฿54.18

Michael Blackson | House and Car


comedy Star Michael Blackson loves the luxurious life and owns a gorgeous home in Delaware.

He shared the news of his new home purchase on Twitter.

Blackthorn is known for letting his fans know what he’s doing, and he seems to be doing it well.

Similarly, he reportedly bought another home in his native Ghana.

His house in Ghana is equipped with a recording studio.

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Michael Blackson has a passion for cars and has some expensive luxury cars in his collection.

The first notable car in his garage was mini brand Prices start at $30,000.

michael blackson car
Michael Blackson’s Rolls-Royce (Image: his Facebook)

In addition, Blackthorn has players who have performed well BMW Fo6.the car was higher than him $90,000 After customization.

Additionally, the beloved stand-up comedian also owns a mighty Rolls-Royce Cullinan.he spent almost $320,000.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this car is a perfect match for Blackthorn’s legendary personality.

Unfortunately, in January 2019, I was involved in a car accident while driving my Rolls-Royce in Hollywood.

Michael Blackson | Lifestyle and Holidays


Jafari Ferguson Monroe, also known as Michael Blackson, was born in Liberia. His father is Ghanaian and his mother is from Liberia.

Blackson spent his childhood between Ghana and Monrovia. Finally, he immigrated to the United States in his mid-1980s.

When he was 13, he lived in Newark, New Jersey, before settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Blackson began his comedy career after a colleague suggested he open the mic and start.

michael blackson lifestyle
Michael Blackson likes to wear heavy and expensive chains (Credit: Kazoostate)

Speaking of his relationships, Blackson plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend Radha Darin.He suggested Rada in a radio interview on July 31, 2021 breakfast club.

The Ghanaian actor became a US citizen on November 24, 2021.

Similarly, the fan-favorite comedian also loves the luxurious lifestyle. In fact, over the years, he’s owned countless gold chains, ice rings, watches, and sneakers. He seems to like wearing it all the time.

He showed off several expensive chains, including a 24 carat gold rope chain and several other Cuban chains.

This gorgeous gentleman usually wears a diamond cross pendant chain. The chain is made of his 2 carat diamonds and his 14 carat white gold and costs around 100 yen. $7,000.

Additionally, Blackson owns an extensive sneaker collection.

He likes to wear expensive shoes, including the Nike X Jordan Chicago equivalent. $2,000.His other collections include Adidas Carolina Blue, Air Jordan 5, and Nike Air Max 97.

Besides, Michael likes watches.he usually wears Patek Philippe II on the comedy stage.

Rolex is also a second choice for actors.his Rolex Oyster the price is $18,000. The watch is set with 41mm diamonds.


Comedian Michael travels frequently between Ghana and the United States.

It’s no exaggeration to say that he enjoyed his vacation in his native Africa. The man often goes there to relax on holidays.

Blackthorn doesn’t like vacationing around the world, but his love for his homeland gives him a refreshing respite from his busy cartoon schedule.

Michael Blackson | Charity

The generous Mr. Blackson is known to donate nature to those in need.

This comedian is on a mission to save Christian Cabella. He also launched a grant page on Instagram to introduce himself and participated in a grant campaign.

In addition, Blackson also supports a project called “”. Joy Foundation.

Over the years, he has done many charitable activities.

Michael Blackson | Movies

Liberian/Ghanaian actor Michael Blackson was inspired by Eddie Murphy’s comedic style.

In 2000, he made his successful debut in a comedy film. next friday.he made everyone laugh as a famous character angry african man.

Additionally, the actor has appeared in a number of television series including; P Diddy’s Comedy Bad Boys and 30 rock on HBO.

He has appeared in commercials for the Chappelle Show and several music videos.Blackthorn stars in official Akon music video Bakonda 2019.

he appeared in Coming Soon 2 America The sequel is in 2021.

Additionally, the comedian was on the comedy improv show ‘Wild’ output Seasons 8, 10, 12, 15.

Additionally, Blakeson Monique Shaw and bed series.

From all his work as a comedian and actor as of July 2023, Michael Blackson has a net worth of a whopping $2 million.

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Michael Blackson | Career

Blackson has had a successful career as a comedian. sketch comedy album Modasca: Welcome to America Year 2005.

he appeared on showtime Shaquille O’Neal performs an all-star comedy improv in 2011.

Additionally, the comedian has appeared on Starz Martin Lawrence Proposes First Amendment Talk Show same year.

Biography of Michael Blackson
Michael Blackson (Image: Improved)

Michael Blackson never stops entertaining fans with his live comedy acts. He has also done comedy roles at colleges and special events.

The entertainer is known for his unique sense of humor in his standup routines.

3 facts about Michael Blackson

  • Michael Blackson gave his son a car for his birthday. He uploaded his video on his own YouTube channel in July 2020. The comedian once bought his son a brand new BMW for his graduation.
  • he worked at a pizzeria domino before he became a comedian.
  • Michael is Eli Apple Who are the NFL players?


Is Michael Blackson’s son a drug addict?

Yes, the comedian solved his son’s drug problem breakfast club power.

Has Michael Blackson been in an accident?

Yes, he was in a car accident in January 2019 due to drunk driver negligence.

Is Michael Blackson’s father still alive?

No, it’s Blackson’s father. Kuwak Nxiang Adom Bediako, Died in 2008.

How rich is Michael Blackson?

He’s very wealthy, Michael Blackson’s net worth at the moment is $2 million July 2023.

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