Mecca Windsor Car Accident: Death And Obituary

Mecca Windsor’s car accident case has been a top topic of discussion. The accident occurred on Tuesday at 3 am. 

Many people have been discussing the subject since it was out yesterday. The identity of the victim was not apparent until yesterday. 

Police have handover over the body to her family, but the funeral has not been organized yet; her family has kept the information private.

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After the local Police department published the news, many viewers were eager to learn about the case in detail.

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Read further, and this article will provide information about the Mecca Windsor car accident. How did it happen? 

Mecca Windsor Car Accident: Death And Obituary

The tragic car accident of Mecca Windsor occurred in Richland County near the Eastover area. The Police identified the victim after they reached out to her family.

She was driving the car alone, leaving the road and hitting the tree near it. Windsor’s car was in the worst condition when Police found out.

Windsor was 28 years old, and she was living in Sumter. Windsor was born in Brooklyn, and her family and friends shared the information about her.

The victim was just ordinary; she came into the news after the accident. She was very active on her social media; she often posted pictures on her Instagram account and had 3k followers.

Sources mentioned that no wounds were found, and it is also hard to recognize that she was wearing a seatbelt.

Columbia Car Accident, Mecca Windsor killed in Richland country.
Columbia Car Accident, Mecca Windsor killed in Richland country. (Source: BCNews24)

Windsor’s car was in the worst condition, and no one would survive. A local person who was passing through the place informed the local Police.

Her sister announced an obituary on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, on social media following the sudden death of Windsor of Columbia, South Carolina. 

She shared a Facebook post saying, “To my best friend, my sister, I love you sooooo much I’m going to miss everything about you, even your crazy ways! Growing up being the older sister, I tried to do everything I could to protect you. I’m trying to find peace in knowing you’re at peace, with no more struggle and pain. I love you with everything in me, and I’m proud of you,”

Everyone was trying to process the news when Police reported her sudden death. No one ever believed that she was dead.

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Mecca Windsor Car Accident: How Did It Happen?

Following the car accident of a 28-year-old woman from Sumter, no reason has been disclosed yet.

The investigation is going on; some of them believe that she was out partying and returning to her place drunk and had an accident.

But still, the real reason behind the accident is yet to come out; everyone is trying to hear the truth of the case. 

Hopefully, South Carolina Highway Patrol will release the reason behind the Windsor car accident. 

Praying has been flooding through the Internet; her family and close ones have been sharing condolence, saying they will miss her and her presence.

The reason might get published soon following the investigation.

Stay connected to the trending news to learn more about the case. Share your thoughts about the accident; what might have happened when it occurred? 

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