Matthew Mackell Death And Obituary: Why Did Schoolboy Suicide?

Matthew Mackell’s death has been a widely discussed topic on the Internet today. People have been curious to learn why did the schoolboy suicide. 

Matthew Mackell was a 17-year-old boy from Kent, England, who died by suicide on 6th May 2020.

Prior to his death, Matthew had called the police emergency number (999) seeking help, but his call was not treated as a priority and was not followed up on until several hours later.

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After his demise, his family criticized the Kent Police for their handling of the situation, and carelessness and called for changes in the way that emergency calls related to mental health are handled.

In response, the Kent Police issued a public apology to Matthew’s family, acknowledging that they had failed to provide him with the support he needed.

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Matthew Mackell Death And Obituary

Matthew was born on 13th April 2003, and he died on 7th May 2020. He was buried in Kent and Sussex Crematorium and Cemetery in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.

Before killing himself, the schoolboy had dialed 999 on May 6, in pain, mentioning he was going to kill himself and was asking for somebody to be sent to pick him up and save him.

The Year 12 student from Skinners Kent Academy passed away in the early hours of May 7 in Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells, despite patrol teams being accessible that night.

The decision to downgrade Matthew’s call from “immediate” to “high” priority as a result of the mapping program’s pinpointing of his position to a large area meant that no patrol was dispatched to look for him.

Matthew Mackell Death
In the loving memory of Matthew Mackell, several messages and flowers were dropped in Dunorlan Park in Tunbridge Wells. (Source: Kent Online)

After agreeing to a claim made by Matthew’s father, Kent Police released a statement on 8th March 2023 saying: “Each day, Kent Police responds to a significant number of calls from and about individuals of the mass whose lives are in danger and successfully prioritizes the utilization of limited police resources to manage those risks.”

“It is a matter of deep guilt to our police sector that we did not uphold the high standards to which we strive. The family of Matthew is given our heartfelt apologies.”

After Matthew Mackwell’s death, Kent Police also conducted an internal review of their policies and procedures related to mental health crisis calls and made several changes to improve their response.

These changes included increasing the number of call handlers trained in mental health awareness, implementing a triage system for mental health calls, and improving communication between call handlers and other emergency services.

Why Did The Schoolboy Matthew Mackwell Suicide?

Although the exact reason behind Matthew Mackwell’s suicide is not known yet, according to the police he hung up his phone after call handler PSE Amy Hopper called him back after the distressing phone call.

Matthew told he was fine and hung up the call when she asked for his name.

The contact was traced to a location close to Dunorlan Park, so she marked it as “immediate” and forwarded it to the dispatch team, anticipating that a patrol would be dispatched.

Matthew Mackell Death
Matthew Mackell’s demise raises several questions regarding the mental health scenario throughout the world. (Source: Kent Live)

Nonetheless, the sad passing of Matthew Mackell has brought attention to the significance of mental health awareness and the requirement for efficient crisis intervention services to assist those in need.

Important discussions about how emergency services can better assist people going through mental health emergencies have also been sparked by this case.

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