Marvin Hagler Net Worth: Career & Death

Marvin Harger was one of the world’s greatest boxers, with an estimated net worth of $40 million at the time of his death.

Marvin Hagler, also known as “The Marvelous”, was a professional boxer who fought 67 times and won 62 of them.

Additionally, he has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

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Needless to say, the boxer was the undisputed champion from 1980-1987. Likewise, he is a well-known figure in the boxing world.

In addition, boxing magazines such as The Ring and the Boxing Writers Association of America named Hagler twice as Fighter of the Year.

Likewise, Boxing Illustrated named him Fighter of the Decade of the 1980s.

Marvin Hagler Net Worth
Inside the Box: Marvin Hagler

In addition, he is also an award winner American Academy Gold Plate Award Achievement Boxer also won in 1983 Honorable Mention of the Gylander Award for Excellence.

Marvelous has also been highly acclaimed in the film industry. After moving to Italy, he appeared in films like ‘Indio’, ‘Indio 2’ and ‘Fight Night: Round 3’.

At this point, the boxing legend is no more. He complained of chest pains and trouble breathing and was pronounced dead in New Hampshire at the age of 66.

Before getting into the details of the late fighter’s life, net worth and career, here are some quick facts about the late fighter.


Before we get into the details, here are some well-known facts about the famous boxer, Marvin Hagler.

full name The late Marvin Nathaniel Hagler
net worth $40 million
date of birth May 23, 1954
date of death March 13, 2021
place of birth newark, new jersey
place of death Bartlett, New Hampshire
nickname wonderful marvin hagler
religion Christianity
Country of Citizenship American
Race African American
use the language English
educate not applicable
father’s name Robert Sims Hagler
mother’s name Ida May Hagler
Brothers and sisters Veronica Hagler, Cheryl Hagler, Ginara Hagler, Noreen Hagler, Robbie Sims
descendants Marvin Hagler Jr., Gentry Hagler, Charles Hagler, James Hagler, Celeste Hagler
Year 57 years old
expensive 5 feet 9 1/2 inches (177 cm)
weight 72.6 kg (160 lbs)
arrival 75 inches (191 centimeters)
eye color brown
sexual orientation straight
marital status married before death
spouse’s name Kay Guarella (married 2000 – 2021),

The late Bertha Hagler (born 1980, died 1990)

Profession professional boxer
attitude left handed
all-out combat 67
victory 62
win by KO 52
loss 3
painting 2
active until 1973-1987
approval Budweiser, Everlast
Social media not applicable
latest update July 2023

Marvin Hagler: Net Worth and Income

Much of this athlete’s wealth is due to multiple bout victories as a former boxer. So, here’s a rough estimate of Marvin Hagler’s net worth: $45 million.

Due to the scarcity of statistics for this late middleweight boxer, we don’t know the actual prize pool.

However, we do know that he manages his income very wisely as he focuses on saving just in case.

Plus, with 62 wins out of 67 fights, it’s safe to assume he’ll make a lot of money and live a comfortable life.

Early in his career, the boxer was unable to find a high-profile opponent to fight. As a result, even after achieving his impressive winning streak, he struggled to make ends meet.

However, things quickly changed once he was in contention for the title. Marvin fought several famous boxers and received high ratings.

As such, his earnings began to grow significantly, earning a portion of his pay-per-view profits.

Also, in Hagler’s last game sugar ray leonard he packed $20 million Before tax.Needless to say, the same as the surrounding $46 million at today’s exchange rate.

Hagler was certain before the match $12 millionwhile the other party guarantees, $11 million. The rating for this game was his one of 1987’s best.

Therefore, this will be Marvin’s final game after retirement. After his retirement he made regular appearances in Italy as a film actor.

Likewise, he has earned a decent amount of money during his acting career. Additionally, he increased his wealth through boxing commentary and video game image licensing.

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Marvin Hagler net worth in various currencies

Let’s take a look at Marvin Hagler’s net worth in different currencies.

currency net worth
EUR €33,873 million
GBP £29.084 billion
620.72 Australian dollars A$54,716 million
Canadian Dollar 50.59 billion Canadian dollars
indian rupee 2,919.15 million rupees
Bitcoin ฿844.50

Marvin Hagler: Houses and Cars


The late Marvin Hagler lived a wonderful life in his New Hampshire mansion.

Additionally, the home sits on 11 acres and features 9 bedrooms, 4 drawing rooms, kitchen, conservatory, utility room, and even a swimming pool.Likewise, the price of this amazing property is $2.3 million!


In addition to that, his garage displays some fascinating car collections. From Jaguars to Bentleys, the collection is also a testament to his vast fortune.

His collection includes powerful models like the Jaguar XE, reportedly priced from $39,000and the price of the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is $63,000.

Marvin Hagler Automotive
Life of Marvin Haggs.

Similarly, the famous boxer even owns a slightly more capable Bentley Continental GT. $200,000!

He also owned a Porsche in his prime. However, I don’t know much about cars.

Marvin Hagler: Lifestyle and Holidays


Marvin Hagler was an outstanding boxer loved by many around the world. The way he lived when he was alive was really wonderful.

Hagler married an Italian woman, learned Italian, was exposed to the Italian film industry and became an action movie star.

Moreover, he is also very careful about his health. He has a different outlook on life rather than continuing his life solely in boxing.

He wanted to try something new, so after his boxing career ended, he ventured into the world of action movies and commentary.

In addition, he is very fond of golf.


Hagler existed for 66 years until his death in March 2021. Marvin traveled many times in his lifetime.

Especially during his years as a boxer, he had to travel from one place to another for countless fights. When he’s not in the arena, he usually wanders around his city and enjoys the atmosphere as much as he can.

After boxing, he dropped everything and went to Italy.

Marvin Hagler: Movies, Book Publications, Endorsements


After moving to Italy, Marvin began considering pursuing a career as an actor. He made several connections in the country and was eventually able to act in several films.

Marvin has appeared in a total of 6 action movies. “Indio”, “Indio 2”, “Brutal Bonanza”, “Jeno’s Plan”, “Deadly Lunch Date”, “Black Market Wedding”.

In addition, he incorporated it into video games as well. Fight Night: Round 3.

book publication

At the time, Hagler was considered a legend by many. His historic fights and in-ring personality are actually documented in the book.

The title of the book is “Remarkable: The Story of Marvin Hagler” As the title suggests, this is a biography of the life of a legendary boxer.

The book was originally published in 2014 by authors Brian Hughes and Damien Hughes. Basically, Marvin’s life, early career, and a detailed account of his game are told.


Marvin Hagler is a phenomenal figure in boxing. Due to his dominating presence in the ring, he is considered an absolute beast.

At the time, such personalities were apparently sponsored by several different a company Hundred Flavor Beer and eternity He is one of his ardent supporters from outside.

Marvin Hagler: Boxing Career

Marvin Hagler decided to become a boxer when he was beaten on the street by a local boxer. The next day he went to the gym and trained under the guidance of an experienced professional trainer.

With that dedication and hard work, he quickly became a fighter worthy of admiration. He then defeated a local boxer and won with honor in front of all his friends.

In the early days, it was difficult for him to win the title because no famous boxer wanted to fight him. However, promoters took an interest in Hagler, who twice defeated 1972 Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Shields.

Finally, in 1977, Marvin won his first title, the vacant North American middleweight title. In addition, he won the Massachusetts middleweight championship.

Likewise, he defeated British boxer Alan Minter to win the WBA, WBC and The Ring middleweight titles. He held these titles from his 1981 to his 1986.

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3 facts about Marvin Hagler

  • He officially changed his name to Marvin Hagler because he felt his nickname “Marvelous” was underused.
  • Hagler has lost just three games in his career to Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Monroe and Bobby Watts.
  • His death had nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccine.


Where does the amazing Marvin Hagler live?

Marvelous spent his childhood in Newark, USA. In his later years he owned a mansion in New Hampshire, but he didn’t go to the countryside much.

After marrying his Italian wife Kai, he moved to Milan. He settled in Milan, learned the language, and spent most of his retirement there.

Who is Marvin Hagler Married to?

At the time of his death, Boxer was married to his second wife, Kai Guarella. Prior to that, he was married to Bertha Hagler from 1980-1990.

What was Marvin Hagler’s cause of death?

Hagler’s cause of death has not been made public. However, many sources claim that he reportedly died of natural causes.

Marvin developed chest pains and trouble breathing and was taken to a hospital in New Hampshire, his son James said.

At what level is Marvin Hagler fighting?

The great Marvin Hagler once fought at middleweight.

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