Marlon Wayans Net Worth: Acting Career & Lifestyle

Comedian star of White Chicks and Scary Movies, Marlon Wayans has a staggering net worth of $40 million.

The youngest of the Wayan brothers started with this film. “I’m going to fuck you” And gradually rose to fame for his sense of humor.

Marlon Wayans Net Worth
Inside the Box: Marlon Wayans

His stellar roles as an actor, screenwriter, and comedian have produced some pretty significant productions that most of us grew up watching.

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Today, the Netflix show continues to entertain audiences of all ages with its diverse cast of characters.

Let’s take a look at the actor’s life and see how he amassed such a fortune, how he lived his life, and what else he did for society.


Before we get into the details, here are some well-known facts about Marlon Wayans.

full name Marlon Lamont Wayans
net worth $40 million
date of birth July 23, 1972
place of birth New York City, USA
nickname not applicable
religion Christianity
Country of Citizenship African American
Race English
use the language English
educate Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts

Howard University

father’s name Howell Stoughton Wayans
mother’s name Elvira Alessia
Brothers and sisters 6 (Nadia, Sean, Keenan Ivory, Damon, Dwayne, Kim)
descendants 2 (Sean Howell Wayans, Amai Zachary Wayans)
Year 54 years old
expensive 1.84 meters (6 feet 1 inch)
weight 81 kg (179 lbs)
eye color brown
sexual orientation straight
marital status divorce
spouse’s name Angelica Zachary
Profession Actor, comedian, director, screenwriter
active since 1988
approval AT&T, Vitamin Water, Collection 1-800 ATT
Social media twitterInstagram
latest update July 2023

Marlon Wayans: Net Worth and Earnings

The comedian from New York has a cumulative net worth $40 million. From a talented group of brothers, Malone has brought us some great comedy movies that remind us of the 2000s.

His huge net worth can only be attributed to his efforts in the comedy genre over the years.

Theater-smashing movies like The White Chick, Scary Movie, Requiem for a Dream, Haunted House, and Fifty Shades Darker brought him here.

His talent and dedication gave him the opportunity to appear and star in several TV shows. “Marron” This is loosely based on his. Moreover, he is still growing very well.

his comedy special, do you know what this is It aired on HBO Max a few days ago.

Additionally, the drama/musical starring Marlon Wayans will air days before his comedy special is rerun on HBO Max.

In terms of support, he and AT&T, Vitaminwaterand Collect 1-800 ATT In the past it brought him great wealth.

Rob Schneider Net Worth in Various Currencies

Let’s take a look at Rob Schneider’s net worth in different currencies.

currency net worth
EUR €33,891,000
GBP £29.05 million
620.72 Australian dollars 54,788,000 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar $50.507 million
indian rupee 2,940,922,000 rupees
Bitcoin ฿834.54

Marlon Wayans: House and Car


The comedian lives a quiet life in a bungalow in Los Angeles, California. Wayans owns two of her properties in the city and purchased her first in 2006. $1,525,000.

Marlon Wayans House
Marlon Wayan’s Two-Story Mediterranean Home [Source:]

This 4,130-square-foot Mediterranean-inspired home features 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a fireplace, gourmet kitchen, master suite with soaking tub, and an outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees.

However, Malone sold the house he had lived in for many years for only about 1000 yen. $1.52 million Dating back to 2016. In addition, he also owns another huge estate in the area, which he has kept secret.

Additionally, he owns an apartment in the Broadway Building in Hollywood.


Marlon Wayans is very private about his life. So far, one of the aspects of his life that has been fairly kept secret about him is the type of cars he owns.

The only Range Rover revealed so far appears to have been a birthday present in 2016.

He posted it on Twitter, uploading a photo of himself and a Range Rover.

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Marlon Wayans: Lifestyle and Holidays


The life of Marlon Wayans was turbulent. Born into a middle-class family of 10 siblings, his early life was difficult.

However, he rose to fame slowly and steadily and is now beloved by many as a billionaire comedy star. Now he is having a lot of fun with his daughter Amai and his son Sean.

In an interview with People magazine, he said, “I used to drive past their house and cook grilled steaks, lamb chops, grilled chicken.” “They say, ‘Dad, can you cook?’ They were surprised that I could cook.

Even I was surprised. I’m a catcher! ”

Besides that, he also spends his time creating new projects. The movie he starred in, White Chicken, was such a hit with fans that he considered a sequel many times.

In his free time, he enjoys watching professional basketball and football games. In fact, he’s a big New York Knicks and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

He is also very active on social media. He often posts pictures of himself on his set or promotions for upcoming shows, or something casual like playing the piano, or even a meme.


Malone is quite the traveler when it comes to vacations. He likes to go to different places as well as work.

Of course, he travels a lot for work, but prefers to take time off and go out alone.

He is often seen playing on the beach with his brothers and friends.

He thrived in the heat of Tulum, Mexico, a few months ago.

He shared a few snaps of his tropical vacation, sunsets by the pool, and relaxing on the beach with friends.

He often vacationed with his mother on her birthdays, and the trip was also his way of coping with the grief of having recently lost her mother.


Marlon Wayans was born in poverty, has 10 brothers and sisters, and his parents are commoners.

So in a way he understands how people in a similar position feel.

Therefore, he often donates what he can to various organizations.

Until recently, when new crown cases surged, he made sure that poor students were not stranded.

To help them, Wayans donated computers to children in Harlem, giving them the tools they needed to continue their studies.

In addition to this, he supports several organizations around the world. His support list includes:

bet on africa Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
America Boys & Girls Club milk + bookmaker
pupa Multiple Sclerosis Society
education foundation rattan group
let the child live

Additionally, Wayans supports activities related to adoption, foster care, orphans, HIV, AIDS, at-risk/vulnerable youth, children, education, health, human rights, literacy and more.

Marlon Wayans: Movies and TV Shows, Recommendations

movies and tv shows

For Wayans, most of his career has been spent in front of the camera. Since his debut in the ’90s, he has appeared in several comedy projects and continues to this day in a wide range of roles.

He began his career in the field through a role played by his brother in a 90’s sitcom. “Brother Wayne” and “Vivid color”.

However, his television debut was in 1991, with several roles in television series. “Townshend and his partner in crime best man.”

As for his first film, he first entered the scene as an action parody walker. “I’m going to fuck you”directed and starring by his brother, Keenan Avery Wayans!

Since then, he has appeared in notable comedy films such as; “white chick”, “Scary Movie Series”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Haunted house” and his own show “Marron”

His most rewarding roles to date have been in horror film series.His first film he starred in and co-wrote was later picked up $280 million Globally, the initial budget is modest $19 million!

Other notable performances include: MTV Video Awards in 2000, 50 degrees blackand Dungeons & Dragons.


Marlon Wayans is a well-known comedian who has done great work in this field in the past.

But that’s not the only source of income he relies on.

Besides acting, his endorsement deals also contribute a lot to his versatility.Malone has appeared in TV commercials in the past. AT&T, Vitaminwaterand Collect 1-800 ATT.

Additionally, he has contracts with several different production companies. TBS, WME, HBO MAX.

Marlon Wayans: Career

Marlon Wayans had a very humble start to his career.he joined the cast “I’m going to fuck you” I lost my brother when I was 16.

This film was the blueprint for his entire career.He then dropped out of college two years later for opportunities in sketch comedy. “colorful.”

Soon after, he rose to prominence co-starring his brother Sean in a Warner Bros. sitcom. “Brother Wayne”“It’s been almost four years.

2000 was the year he finally became a star. He co-wrote and starred in his first horror film. The movie was a huge hit, grossing $157 million.

The film was so successful that three other sequels were released under the same name. That same year she also hosted the MTV Video Awards, further boosting his popularity.

Since then, he has starred in popular comedy films with his brother Sean. white chick, little man, and dance flick.

Malone won the BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Screenplay for the box movie ‘White Chicks’.

On top of that, he also makes a more serious scene when he’s “. “Requiem for a Dream” Worked with Tom Hanks “Ladykiller”.

In 2017, he released his own TV series ” “Marron” It’s kind of based on his life. Additionally, the show also has a second season, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

His latest role in a Netflix comedy “six children” itself is considered an achievement. I have to play six different characters in a short period of time, and that’s going to be a lot.

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3 facts about Marlon Wayans

  • Wayans’ relationship with his father was strained. His father beat him and his brother regularly.
  • Malone dropped out of college to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
  • Apparently, he was originally cast as Robin in Batman Returns. Unfortunately, this character was cut from the film, but was still paid.


How many siblings does Marlon Wayans have?

Marlon Wayans has a total of 10 siblings, all of whom are well-known figures in the entertainment industry. Malone is the youngest of them.

Is Marlon Wayans Married?

marlon wayan married Angelica Zachary, has two children with her. However, their relationship deteriorated over time and they divorced in 2013.

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