Marisa Utterback, 30, Arrested For Murdering Yashua Martinez- Is She In Jail?

Marisa Utterback arrested for murdering Yashya Martinez in 2022. Here is more about the arrest and jail sentence.

The incident occurred in September of last year; construction workers discovered the body of an unidentified man on September 22 on Highway 275.

The man was later identified as Yashya Martinez from La Vista, and his dead body was lying on the road for at least four days.

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Police later discovered a hit-and-run by a silver Jeep belonging to Marisa Utterback from Fremont caused his death.

Utterback claimed she had hit a deer several days before the incident. However, officers believed the dent on the vehicle was not due to a car-deer collision.

After a thorough investigation, authorities concluded that Marisa was driving the vehicle which killed Yashya.

The 30-year-old was arrested in March 2023 and charged with murder, reckless driving, and other accident-related charges.

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Marisa Utterback Arrested For Murdering Yashua Martinez

Marisa Utterback was arrested for the hit-and-run murder of Yashya Martinez.

The Fremont woman was responsible for the motor vehicle homicide of the La Vista man in September 2022.

30-year-old Marisa faces charges of the death of 27-year-old Yashya in September 2022.

According to the Dodge County Attorney’s Office, Utterback faces five felony charges.

Apart from murder, she also faces charges of reckless driving, failing to render aid, leaving the scene of an accident, tampering with evidence, and other traffic violations.

Marisa Utterback Arrested
Yashua Martinez of La Vista was killed by reckless driving by Marisa Utterback. (Source: WOWT)

Construction crews found an unidentified male body on Highway 275 near Morningside Road on September 22.

Dodge County Sheriff’s Office was alerted, and they closed Highway 275 for approximately seven hours for the investigation, along with Douglas County Crime Lab. 

The man was determined to have died due to a vehicle collision. The body was identified two days later as 27-year-old Yashya Martinez of La Vista. 

According to the warrant, the body of Martinez was likely on the road for at least four days.

Lab technicians discovered large silver car parts at the scene and a silver paint chip on the victim’s shoe.

The incident occurred on Highway 275 near Morningside Road. (Source: KETV)

According to a search warrant, investigators found a silver Jeep at a local body shop. 

Marisa Utterback, the owner of the Jeep, said that she hit a deer on September 19 and brought the SUV to the body shop.

The investigators noted that the damage was inconsistent with a car-deer crash and that the car parts found on the crime scene were missing.

Speaking to investigators, Utterback’s neighbor recalled seeing the silver Jeep in her driveway on September 18.

The neighbor added that the Jeep’s front and windshield were damaged and observed blood on the vehicle.

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Is Marisa Utterback Still In Jail?

Marisa Utterback is not in jail since she was released on bail shortly after her arrest. 

The 30-year-old was issued a $250,000 bond; she paid 10% of the bond and is currently out of jail.

The Fremont woman is also charged with insurance fraud since she filed a false claim that she hit a deer.

Utterback’s cell phone was also taken away by authorities to identify its location at the time of the incident.

The trial of Marisa Utterback for the murder of Yashya Martinez is scheduled for a future date. 

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