Malaysia Flight 370 Bodies Found Reddit: Pilot Found Alive: Where Is Zaharie Ahmad Shah?

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is also known as the disappearance of MH370. Relatives from 370 households have requested a re-search. Was the pilot found alive?

As we all know, Malaysia Flight 370 has been renewed again due to many rumors that Zaharie Ahmad Shah is still alive.

Those who don’t know may know that on March 8, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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Similarly, the missing Boeing 777 was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Sources said the plane took off at 12:41 local time.

Plus, this new Netflix documentary looks back on events from nearly a decade ago. Likewise, on the ninth anniversary of his disappearance, Netflix’s MH370: The Missing Plane brings to life a strong library of theories and events from the night of his disappearance.

Body of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found

To mark the 9th anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370, Netflix is ​​once again in the media spotlight with a new documentary commemorating the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

As a result, people are curious about the case and wondering if the body was ever found. However, the missing plane is still under investigation, and despite years of investigation, the plane has never been found.

Similarly, sources say the plane itself has yet to be found. So this proves that neither the bodies of the passengers nor the plane itself were found.

Wreckage of Malaysia Flight 370
A Reddit user shared a post about the search for Flight 370 wreckage in Malaysia. (Source: Reddit)

However, a Reddit user shared a post about a body found wearing a life jacket near Malacca. Similarly, sources claim that a body wearing a life jacket was found on board Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 with the help of local volunteers.

Although it was later confirmed that the deceased was not a passenger, Indonesian police later identified the deceased as Abdi Sasmita, 54, of Desa Bangun Sari, Serdang, North Sumatra.

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Pilot Found Alive: Where Is Zaharie Ahmed Shah?

The incident of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has become a hot topic on the Internet, but the information that the pilot, Mr. Zahari Ahmad Shah, is alive has been reported to the people concerned, and netizens are calling for information about him.

As mentioned above, this is believed to be one of the hoaxes, as the plane itself has never been found, nor have any passengers or crew been found.

Zahari was one of two pilots in the cockpit of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. He is an experienced pilot with over 18,000 hours of flying experience.

Likewise, he was 53 when he disappeared and had joined Malaysia Airlines as a trainee pilot in 1981. So for all of you, he has yet to be found and is missing along with 369 other passengers and crew.

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What is the age and background of Zahariye Ahmed Shah?

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, was reportedly carrying 238 passengers on board a Boeing 777 when it went missing.

Zahari Ahmed Shah
Zaharie Ahmed Shah loves to cook. (Source: Wesley Pepys)

Not much information is available about him, including personal information missing from sources. However, we do know that he was a family man with a sister named Sakinab and a married man with three children.

Similarly, the Shah’s family also lived, settled and owned homes in upscale gated communities. Additionally, close friends and family of the Shah revealed that the Shah was a devoted family man and that his children enjoyed spending time with their children.

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