Lucille Ball Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

Red-haired Lucille Ball, the “Queen of Comedy” and America’s favourite, has died leaving her a net worth of $60 million.

Lucille Ball is an actress, comedian, producer, and model known for producing. i love lucyone of the most respected television comedies of all time.

This beauty queen became one of Hollywood’s A-listers in the early 1930s. With her trademark red hair, infectious laugh, and great comedic timing, she was a sensation in Hollywood.

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Lucy in her youth (Source: Pinterest)

No other comedian has made Americans laugh more, and no television actress has gone from radio or B-movie to one of the world’s most beloved actors.

Today, more than a quarter century after her death, she is still considered one of the most enduring figures in American comedy.

Lucille Ball | Overview

full name Lucille Ball
known as Lucille Ball
date of birth August 6, 1911
die April 26, 1989
place of birth California, USA
Country of Citizenship American
Race American
sex woman
Horoscope Leo
religion Christianity
father henry darrell ball
mother Desiree Evelyn Hunter
relationship status marriage
husband Gary Morton (born 1961, died 1989)

Desi Arnaz (m. 1940; div. 1960)

child Desi Arnaz Jr., Lucy Arnaz
expensive 5’6”
weight 55kg
eye color hazel
hair color blonde
educate high school dropout
Profession Actress, comedian, model, film studio executive, television producer
Social media twitter (tribute page)
net worth $60 million
latest update July 2023

Lucille Ball | Net Worth and Income

Entertainment industry rebel Lucille Ball had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death.

Lucille Ball earned a number of major honors during his lifetime and amassed enormous wealth through his multi-faceted career.

By the time Decil Productions was sold, Ball had made millions. $122 million Today’s values ​​in 1967.

people still love to see i love lucyIt’s been over 70 years since it first aired.

It is also an important source of income CBS earns $20 million One year after each broadcast.

Additionally, the fashion diva has endorsed many top commercial companies and amassed considerable wealth.

business to make money

Lucille is also a brilliant businessman and the first female entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.

Desi and Lucille make a deal that allows them to control their own program.

In 1957 they sold the show to CBS. $4.5 millionwhich is equivalent to $40 million today.

They used the money to start their own production company.Lucille paid $2.5 million In 1962 Desi owned half of the company.

Five years later she sold the entire company. Gulf + Western costs $17 millionagain $130 million for today’s money.

Lucille Ball Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s find out Lucille Ball’s net worth in various currencies including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR €52,983,900
GBP £44,147,100
Australian dollar 83,437,620 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 75,131,700 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 4,472,652,000 rupees
Bitcoin ฿1545.69

Lucille Ball | House and Car


The comedy queen bought her first Hollywood home before she met Desi Arnaz.

This West Hollywood, CA home is advertised as: $1.75 million By Rhonda Cohn of Keller Williams Realty.

Lucy rented the house around the time she signed a deal with RKO Broadcasting Pictures.

Lucy’s House is one of the oldest Hollywood celebrity retreats in Palm Springs. It was popularly known as the villa of Lucille Ball and Desi girlfriend Arnaz.


This classic lady loves vintage cars and spends a fortune on her collection.

Owned by Lucille Ball 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 Sedan she likes it a lot

She owned the car until her death in 1989, and it was one of several she owned at the time.

Vehicles are on display at Lucille Ball – Desi Arnaz Museum In Jamestown, New York, Lucy’s hometown.

Ball’s son-in-law, Lawrence Lukinville, donated the Mercedes to the museum.

Lucile Ball | Lifestyle

Lucille Ball had a net worth of $60 million when he died in 1989.

Lucy was one of the most stylish women of her time. She is considered the epitome of her grace and charm.

This beautiful woman was married to Desi Arnaz, but the marriage was not successful. She later married Gary Morton.

Lucy lived with Gray until his death in 1989. She is the mother of her four children.

Lucille - Husband
Lucille and her husband (Source: Pinterest)

Lucy loves flowers and has a beautiful garden at her Hollywood home. She always spends time with flowers and enjoys taking care of them in her free time.

Likewise, she loves painting and playing with water.

Before Lucy left this world, she enjoyed a little magic.

Lucille Ball | Charity

The most attractive women have a heart that matches their personality. She always found solace in her philanthropic work.

Lucille has always cared for disadvantaged children and needy mothers. She has also volunteered in several projects promoting women’s empowerment.

Likewise, this kind lady supports various education and health related issues that affect many people.

An active philanthropist, she has donated business profits to other charities several times.

She works with various charities on fundraising and events.

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Lucille Ball | Movies, Investments, Endorsements, Books

movies and tv shows

Lucy was quite successful as a model, and posters depicting her figure caught the attention of Hollywood studios.

her charisma won her the part Roman scandal, hard earned money, million childrenothers.

Lucy remained in Hollywood, playing increasingly prominent roles in a series of films. carnival, stage door, room service, 5 people are backand too many girls.

She has appeared in the following films: street, Duvali was a woman, no love, Ziegfeldand sad jones and fancy pantsboth with Bob Hope.

Lucille Ball Net Worth - lucy-i-love-lucy
Lucy in love Lucy (Source: Pinterest)

Founded by Ball and then-husband Death Throw Productionsthey premiered i love lucyan October 1951 television comedy series.

The two-star comedy about their own lives was an instant hit, and has been at or near the top of television ratings for several years in a row.

Ball also appeared in several comedies during this time. very long trailer.


Ball has been an innovator in Hollywood for over a decade, achieving A-list success and becoming the first female boss of a major Hollywood production company.

she co-founded a production company Dethro Productions with Anas Diaz.

She was promoted to First Lady as head of the production company.

After the divorce, Lucy bought shares in Decile Productions and took over in 1962.

Successful shows produced by the company during its 17-year operation include: Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Selflessand i love lucy.

However, this company was later sold and merged. best photo.

Lucy continued to pursue an acting career while running her own productions until her death.


Ball began her career as a model in the 1930s, working for New York designer Hattie Carnegie before becoming known for her roles in films and TV shows.

Lucy has attracted the attention of several fashion and beauty industries for her charm and grace.

She is also a brand ambassador for many luxury fashion brands such as Dior and Channel.

Her time in the fashion world may have influenced the star’s style, especially her casual American style. ”

In the 1950s, she often wore a sophisticated fit-and-flare style reminiscent of Dior’s New Look, which also set a trend for all fashionistas.

Lucille Ball had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death.

book publication

Lucille Ball publishes memoir for followers love lucy.

Lucy’s memoir is a loving, insightful, and entertaining account of her life. A New York bestseller.

Lucille Ball Net Worth - Lucy-Ball Books
Lucy Ball Books (Source: Amazon)

Written by Ball herself, the autobiography includes intimate memories of her and Desi’s children, the events that led to the breakup of her first marriage, and how Ball reunited with her second husband, Gary Morton. It includes whether you found love.

“Loving Lucy” was written by Lucy herself in her own words, so it’s a must-read for anyone who loves Lucy.

Lucille Ball | Career

At the age of 12, she started acting and soon fell in love with theater.

However, health problems prevented her from continuing her passion. In 1932, her recovered Lucille Ball returned to New York to resume her acting career.

Since then, she has taken Hollywood by storm with her charm and talent.

At a time when only men held high positions in the entertainment industry, she paved the way for women to reach high positions.

The continued popularity of “I Love Lucy” also led to the formation of the National League. i love lucy day. Held annually on October 15th in memory of Lucille.

She was one of the most popular actresses of her time and won almost every professional award imaginable.

Ball has inspired generations of comedians and her fame has endured well into the 21st century.

Interesting Facts About Lucille Ball

  • Desi and Lucy were the first interracial couple to appear on television. Before filming on her show began, Lucy asked her then-husband, Cuban-American actor Desi Arnaz, to be her screen partner.
  • Before Lucy’s big break in comedy, she was photographed as a brunette in her early days.
  • She became the first pregnant woman actress to appear on TV as a pregnant woman.


What happened to Lucille Ball’s estate after her death?

When she died, her estate was split between her two children, Lucy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., and her second husband Gary Morton.

After Ball’s death, Morton married professional golfer Susie McAllister, and bequeathed Ball’s estate to McAllister after Ball’s death.

When and how did Lucille Ball die?

Ball died of a ruptured aorta on April 26, 1989, at the age of 77, after undergoing open-heart surgery.

Is Lucille Ball a real redhead?

Lucille Ball is one of Hollywood’s most famous redheads, but lighter shades aren’t her natural hair color.

The “I Love Lucy” star was born a brunette, but hairdresser Sidney Guilaroff first turned her red.

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