Louisville Bank Shooter Connor Sturgeon Brother Cameron: Age Gap and Net Worth

Conor Sturgeon’s brother Cameron was shocked by the shooting at the Bank of Louisville. Learn all about the sturgeon family.

Connor Sturgeon is the shooter who killed four people and injured at least nine others in the Old National Bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.

The fatal events of April 10, 2023 broke everyone’s hearts and many lost loved ones. The shooter, identified as a bank employee, was also shot dead by police.

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Connor livestreamed a video on Instagram at the time of the shooting, which Instagram has since removed. Those killed in the shooting were Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliot, 63, Juliana Farmer, 45, and James Tate, 64.

As a result, people are also asking for more information about gunman Connor. Therefore, we have explained everything below.

Cameron, brother of Louisville Bank shooter Connor Sturgeon

Conor Sturgeon was born Conor James Sturgeon on February 11, 1998 to Todd (father) and Lisa (mother). Not only is he the child of his parents, but he also grew up with his younger brother Cameron.

The Sturgeon brothers grew up in Greenville, Indiana. Sturgeon attended Floyd Nobbs’ Floyd Central High School. During that time, his father worked as a basketball coach.

connor sturgeon brother
Conor Sturgeon’s family portrait was taken with his mother, father and brother. (Source: Daily Mail)

Moreover, although the family of four lived happily, this time Connor caused a shooting incident and himself was killed, leaving everyone stunned. Little is known about his younger brother Cameron, but sources say he is a professional model.

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Conor Sturgeon reveals age gap with Cameron brothers

Conor Sturgeon was just 25 years old when he died. His age cannot be revealed as there are not many details regarding his brother’s birth.

But we do know that Connor is the eldest of two children . I mean, his younger brother Cameron is younger than him. The sturgeon brothers seem to get along well.

Connor Sturgeon IG
Conor Sturgeon’s Instagram profile has now been taken down following the shooting. (Source: Facebook)

They spend most of their free time with their families, whose photos can be seen circulating online after the bank shooting.

Cameron is also a professional model, but like his father and brother, he has interests outside of basketball. The Sturgeon family was also flooded with condolences on social media, with people praying for the family.

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How much is Conor Sturgeon Net Worth?

As far as we know, Conor Sturgeon works in a bank and likely retains a sizeable net worth from that job. However, his income cannot be disclosed as the verified store shares that information.

The median salary for a banker is said to be $46,543. Connor, on the other hand, works long hours and earns above-average income.

louisville shooting incident
The aftermath of the Louisville shootings began with bank employee Connor Sturgeon. (Source: Facebook)

Conor is also a member of Kentucky Junior Achievement’s Young Professionals Council, so his Linkedin profile shows he’s talented.

Some online sources suggested that Mr. Connor would be suspended or fired from his position at the bank, so he opened fire. However, it is not yet confirmed whether this line is true or just a rumor.

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