Lola James Death: Kyle Bevan And Sinead James Arrested For Murder- Trial Update

Two-year-old Lola James death has been a matter of concern to many as Kyle Bevan and Sinead James are expected to go on trial at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday.

Lola James was a two-year-old girl whose name came into the media prominence following her passing in July 2020. The little baby reportedly of murder.

Lola’s death cause is currently making rounds on the internet as those who did the incident are going on trial soon. Kyle Bevan and Sinead James initially faced suspicion of assault and neglect, but the tragic death of Lola prompted further investigation leading to their rearrest and more serious charges.

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So, if you are eager to know more about the case update, keep reading this article till the end, as we’ve discussed everything in depth. 

Lola James Death – How Did the Little Girl Die?

Lola James died at the age of two on July 21, 2020. She was reportedly murdered as Kyle was charged with Lola’s murder.

In July 2020, James suffered a ‘catastrophic’ head injury at her home in Haverfordwest. So, Police were called on Friday, July 17. 

Lola James Death
Lola James was a two-year-old girl. ( Source: BBC )

Unfortunately, Lola  four days later at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff. From the line mentioned above, we can say that Lola’s cause of death was a catastrophic head injury.

When Police released the sad news of Lola’s passing, people criticized her parents. Not only that, but netizens also took to social media to pay tributes to the little girl who died at a tender age.

Now, the case seems to be moving forward after a long time. Let’s get more details below.

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Kyle Bevan and Sinead James Arrested for Murder of Lola James

Following Lola James’ death, Kyle Bevan and Sinead James were arrested on suspicion of assault and neglect. Later, they were rearrested and charged with more severe crimes following the baby’s death.

Following a hearing in June last year, James was granted conditional bail, while Bevan was remanded in custody. Despite that, both of them denied all the charges.

Sinead James
Sinead James is the mother of Lola James. ( Source: Daily Mail )

After a long time, the murder trial of Kyle and Sinead is moving forward, as the recent update shows that they are expected to go on trial. After the trial, the court will decide what people are waiting for.

Before that, let’s find out more about the recent murder trial update of Kyle and Sinead. 

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Kyle Bevan and Sinead James Murder Trail Update

As mentioned earlier, Kyle Bevan and Sinead James are  on trial this Tuesday for the death of a two-year-old girl.

In the past, it was said that the trial would begin in 2023 and was expected to last four weeks. Finally, the case is moving on, and the court will soon conclude this case with a decision.

Lola’s mother, Sinead, and Bevan are set to stand trial at Swansea Crown Court before High Court Judge Mr. Justice Griffiths. The trial, expected to last for a month, will commence soon.

Kyle Bevan
Kyle Bevan is also a suspect who is set to appear on trial. ( Source: Daily Mail )

In earlier hearings, the court was informed that Lola had sustained a ‘catastrophic’ head injury at her residence in Haverfordwest in July 2020. 

After the trial begins and the court updates us, we will also come up with more news regarding the sad passing of Lola James and more details about the suspects, Kyle and Sinead. 

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