Liza Burke UGA Mexico Death News: Georgia Student Suffers Brain Hemorrhage In Mexico

The news of the death of Liza Burke of the University of Georgia in Mexico has caught the attention of many.

University of Georgia student Lisa Burke was on life support after suffering a brain hemorrhage in Cabo San Lucas during spring break.

As of this writing, her family is reportedly flying to Jacksonville to complete treatment.

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An old man’s friend set up a GoFundMe to raise money for his family. It was a typical spring break day in Mexico, but Lisa Burke told her friend over breakfast that she had a headache and returned to her hotel room.

Friends went to see how he was doing, but they couldn’t wake him up, so he immediately called for help.

The 22-year-old was rushed to the hospital after being diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which causes blood loss in the brain.

Friends said Burke was put on “life support” after bleeding profusely and becoming unresponsive.

Let’s take a look at the death news of Lisa Burke, University of Georgia, Mexico.

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News of the death of Lisa Burke University of Georgia Mexico

The University of Georgia senior is on life support, according to GoFundMe, founded by Jennifer Ritter. Meanwhile, she is on spring break in Mexico because her friends won’t wake her up.

As of late Monday afternoon, the fundraiser had raised more than $107,000. All the money raised will be used to fly Burke from Mexico to Jacksonville, Florida, on an emergency plane, Ritter said.

Burke, a Cabo San Lucas resident, woke up feeling good on Friday morning, but Ritter reported that Burke began complaining of a headache while eating breakfast.

When she went to her room to rest, her friends unsuccessfully tried to wake her up. A few hours later they called an ambulance.

Lisa Burke UGA Mexico dies
Lisa Burke of UGA Mexico has died. (Source: FOX 5 Atlanta)

She was taken to hospital, where tests revealed an arteriovenous malformation. Ritter reported Burke had a brain hemorrhage.

According to Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, arteriovenous malformations occur when the collection of blood vessels in the body does not develop properly.

A Johns Hopkins University study found that when healthy tissues, arteries and veins are bypassed, they “unusually knot and create direct connections.”

Ritter said Mexican doctors agreed that Burke needed to return to the United States immediately for treatment.

Ritter wrote in the fundraiser: “This shows how many people have come forward and wanted to help and how Lisa has been involved.

“She’s authentic, energetic, playful and fearless. She still has a lot to offer the world.”

Georgia student suffers cerebral hemorrhage in Mexico: What is an arteriovenous malformation?

Improperly formed blood vessels are known as arteriovenous malformations, according to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This abnormality bypasses normal tissue and capillaries between arteries and veins.

AVM usually occurs at or shortly after birth. Its origin is unknown. Although there are no symptoms at first, symptoms are often discovered when dealing with other health problems. This usually causes one of the blood vessels to rupture.

Lisa Burke UGA Mexico dies
A University of Georgia student has a brain hemorrhage and is fighting to survive in Mexico. (Source: 11 Alive)

Only 1% of cases result in death, and less than 4% result in bleeding. AVMs may also be found only during dissection.

There are four stages, the first being a warm, pink color to the skin, and stages two through four causing discomfort, bleeding, and heart failure.

There is no approved treatment for AVM. However, symptoms are manageable. A surgeon can be called to fix this problem.

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