Leo And Longevity Autopsy: Leo Rex Wife: Was Youtuber Married?

A second autopsy on deceased YouTuber “Leo And Longevity” is currently underway.

According to Pattaya Police, popular fitness YouTuber Leo Rex, also known as Leo and Longevity, was discovered dead in a home there last night, January 30, 2023.

Cops discovered Laith Abdallah Algaz, also known as Leo Rex, in his ransacked Pattaya apartment on Monday.

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Leo Rex’s passing shocked the bodybuilding world. With 125,000 subscribers, Rex ran the well-known Loe and Longevity YouTube channel. Additionally, the YouTuber worked with well-known content producers like More Plates More Date. 

Rex’s content was very educational, teaching his audience about the benefits and drawbacks of various substances, including testosterone, magic mushrooms, and bodybuilding.

Leo And Longevity Autopsy Reports: Was He On Drugs?

According to some reports, further examination of Leo’s autopsy report revealed the presence of unsuitable medications like antidepressants, steroids, antibiotics, and more. 

However, the investigation officers still need to provide confirmation.

After the YouTuber failed to return his calls, Laith’s friend, American national Charles Anthony Hughes, 40, paid a visit to the House. When he opened the door, he was shocked to find Laith dead, and he frantically dialed 911.

Leo Rex’s funeral arrangements were not made public when he passed away. But his supporters are grieving his passing and eager to find out about his final rites.

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On February 3, the legendary bodybuilder Lee Priest commented on Rex’s passing and disparaged Dr. Tony Huge. Rex was in the best emotional shape and was the happiest person he had seen before he died, according to one of his friends.

Leo And Longevity Death News: What Happened?

On January 26, Police discovered Leo Rex, also known as Laith Abdallah Algaz, dead at his abandoned Pattaya apartment. The health vlogger’s YouTube channel had the names Leo and Longevity.

Leo Rex death
The influencer, from Colorado, was pronounced dead at the scene when police arrived. (Source:

Only an untucked black shirt was on the man’s naked body when he was discovered face down. According to the Police, he had bruising around his left eye as well as bleeding from his nose and lips.

Officers added that Laith’s clothes had been strewn about and that the bathroom’s shelves and toilet had been destroyed in an apparent raid.

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Police are inspecting the House to gather more information as they investigate a recent incident’s circumstances. A second autopsy is currently being performed on a deceased person.

Leo Rex Wife: Was Youtuber Married?

Rex was married to his then-wife Lucie Colomb, but the couple divorced. They can be seen in one of his YouTube shows before his tragic death.

Leo Rex wife
Rex and ex-wife, Lucie Colomb, are seen in one of the shows on his YouTube channel before his tragic death. (Source: The Sun)

To learn the truth, Lucie Colomb, who divorced Rex and filed a restraining order against him last year, has already contacted the American Embassy in Bangkok.

She admitted that she had been in contact with the Thai Police and the Embassy, each of whom had hired attorneys to conduct their investigations. They just want the truth, so she cannot say anything else now.

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After the couple’s separation last year, Rex, who has a daughter with Colomb, relocated to Thailand. The investigation is still ongoing in Thailand, but Colomb is hoping that the assistance of U.S. authorities will hasten it.

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