Leah Remini Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

American actress, bestselling author and activist Leah Marie Remini has a staggering net worth of $25 million.

She is best known as Vanessa Sersi Kevin can wait (2017-2018).

However, Leah started her career as an actress in sitcoms. head teacher, 1988.Her big screen debut was in 1997 when she Critics and other weirdos.

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Leah Remini
Leah Remini Net Worth (Source:

In addition, Leah co-produced and hosted the A&E documentary series. Leah Remini: Scientology and Its Aftermath (2016-2019).

The series was very popular and won several awards, including two. golden time emmy awards2019 truth power awardtwo Gracie Award, CHILD USA 2019 Barbara Brian Trailblazer Award, etc

Additionally, Leah’s primary purpose in creating the series was to provide a platform for victims and survivors of the Church of Scientology.

Remini herself was a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, but left the Church in 2013.

Since Remini left, she has continued to criticize the church.

Additionally, Remini is a podcast co-host Scientology: Fair Game From July 2020.

Leah Remini: Fast Facts

full name Leah Marie Remini
nickname Leah Remini
date of birth June 15, 1970
Year 53 years old
place of birth New York City, USA
Residential Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
expensive 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters)
weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
hair color light brown
eye color Dark brown
skin tone/skin color White
physical measurement 35-25-36
shoe size 6.5 (United States)
clothes size 6 (United States)
zodiac Gemini
Country of Citizenship we.
Race Caucasian (Austrian Jew, Italian)
religion catholic roman
educate Dropped out of school at age 13 to start acting career
parents Vicky Marshall (mother)

George Remini (father)

Brothers and sisters First Sister (Nicole Remini)
sexual orientation straight
marital status marriage
spouse Angelo Pagan (born 2003)
child 1 (Sophia Pagan)
Entertainment office not made seriously
Profession actor, writer, activist
active since 1988
debut tv show Monitor (1988)
premiere movie Critics and Other Freaks (1997)
become famous for Carrie Heffernan, King of Queens (1998-2007), Leah Remini: Scientology and Its Aftermath (2016-2019) Host
website Leah Remini
net worth $25 million
main source of income actor, writer, presenter
approval Mandy Closing, Quaker State Motor Oil, Bullying at Pacer Center
Social media facebook, instagram, twitter
latest update July 2023

Leah Remini: Net Worth and Earnings

Leah Marie Remini, actress, author and activist with a staggering net worth $25 million.

His acting career in television and film, programming and production, and his real estate business contribute significantly to Remini’s net worth.

To date, Remini has appeared in numerous television shows and at least seven films. Additionally, she hosted the television shows Leah Remini: Scientology and Aftermath (2016-2019) and The Talk (2010-2011).

Leah worked on the short-lived sitcom ‘Kevin Can Wait,’ which aired in 2017-2018. $125,000 Salary per episode of the show.

In addition, Leah owns No Seriously Productions, a production company that primarily focuses on improvisational content.

Additionally, she earns thousands of dollars in royalties from her best-selling books.

She also earns a good amount of money from sponsorship deals mandy costume and quaker motor oil.

Leah Remini’s net worth in various currencies

Let’s take a look at Leah Remini’s net worth in various currencies including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR EUR 21,591,750
GBP GBP 18,581,250
Australian dollar Australian dollar 34,666,600
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar 31,805,875
indian rupee $ 1,858,550,000
Bitcoin ฿574

Leah Remini: House and Car


Leah Remini lives in a low-key, rustic neighborhood in Studio City, Los Angeles. She owns a 9,326 square foot house surrounded by trees.

Leah Remini House
Leah Remini’s home in Los Angeles, California (Source:

Additionally, she purchased the house for $3.75 million in 2003, now doubled in value to $8.5 million.

Additionally, her home has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool and a gym.


Leah Remini doesn’t own as many cars as most celebrities and the details of her estate have not been made public. But she proudly owns a black sedan.

Leah Remini: lifestyle and holidays


Leah Remini was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised as a Roman Catholic until her mother joined the Church of Scientology.

Remini joined the church with her mother when she was nine years old.

Together with her sister, she also belonged to the Standard Military Organization of Sanda, the “Marine Agency”.

Leah and her sister were forced to work as adults in a marine organization.

At the age of 43, she left the church because she disagreed with church policy.

Leah doesn’t like rules that prohibit members from questioning church leader David Miskavich.

She thinks David is corrupt. Remini also says church rules are biased in favor of some of the most prominent members.

Additionally, she revealed in an interview with People magazine that she had rediscovered her Catholic faith.


Leah Remini loves spending short vacations with her husband and daughter. She also likes hanging out with her best friend Jennifer Lopez.

Unfortunately, the time and place of vacation trips are kept secret.

Leah Remini: Philanthropy

Leah Remini is a longtime philanthropist with several organizations that help those in need.

Remini focuses on causes such as abuse and domestic violence, women, children, education, homeless pets, veterans and combatants, the environment, health, former gang members, and Scientology survivors.

rear support Children of America, stand up for your children. and global girls alliance It’s for kids and girls.

Additionally, she has donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, and The Hollywood Foundation to support her health.

Furthermore, with her aftercare foundation, Supports those wishing to leave Scientology and Ocean Organizations.

Our Foundation helps these people to start a new life in the outside world. Additionally, the Foundation works to raise awareness of abuses by the Church of Scientology.

In addition, the rear also Rubicon Global Team and four seas Reduce the impact of environmental degradation on people’s lives.

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Leah Remini: movies, investments, endorsements, books


Leah Remini has appeared in numerous films since her acting career began in 1997 with The Critic and Other Freaks.

Remini’s credits include Follow Your Heart (1998), Old School (2003), Familiars (2017), Clapper (2017), Handsome (2017), Second Act (2018).

Additionally, Leah has appeared in numerous TV movies and shows.

Phantom 2040 (1994-1996), First Time Out (1995), Fired Up (1997-1998), The King of Queens (1998-2007), and Family Tools (2013) are all television series starring Remini.

In addition, she starred in the documentary series VH1 Inside Out: Leah Remini’s Wedding Special (2003) and VH1 Inside Out: Leah Remini’s Baby Special (2004) about her wedding and childbirth.


In 2020, Leah Remini founded a company called “”. not made seriously. The company primarily focuses on improvised content.

Its first project, Seeking Justice, includes organizations working against physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Also produced by Leah Remini Leah Remini: Scientology and Its Aftermath (2016-2019).

Additionally, Remini has a website. Leah ReminiThis includes links to her bio, books, movies, shows, merchandise, and more.


Leah Remini doesn’t get too involved in sponsorship deals.Yet she appeared in the ad mandy costume 1985 and quaker motor oil 2000-2002.

Moreover, she also agrees Bullying at Walkers Center 2013.


Leah Remini published a memoir of her life in the Church of Scientology in 2015.

Leah Remini Book
Troublemakers: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology (Source:

the title of the book is Troublemakers: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. It became a New York Times bestseller.

Leah Remini: Career

Television movies, series and TV series are a major part of Leah Remini’s career. Additionally, she has also shot several films.

However, the A&E documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and Its Aftermath (2016-2019) became the most important show of her career, winning two Emmy Awards.

Additionally, since July 2020, Leah is co-host of the podcast “Scientology: Fair Game.”

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Fun facts about Leah Remini

  • Leah Remini dropped out of school at the age of 14 to focus on acting.
  • Remini auditioned for the role of Monica Geller in Friends. However, she didn’t get the part, but she later appeared in one of the episodes, Friends: Born People (1995).
  • Staff magazine ranked Remini 19th on its list of the 102 sexiest women in the world.


How did Leah Remini and her husband meet?

Leah Remini and her husband Angelo Pagan met in 1996 at El Floridita, a Cuban restaurant and nightclub.

Are Leah Remini and JLo best friends?

That’s right, Leah Remini and JLo have been friends for over a decade. JLo was still married to her ex-husband Marc Anthony when we first met. Their relationship grew even closer after Leah left the Church of Scientology.

Where can I watch “Leah Remini: Scientology and Its Aftermath”?

The Leah Remini: Scientology and Aftermath series originally aired on A&E from 2016 to 2019. The show is currently available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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