Lalisa Manoban Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

K-pop rapper, model and social media influencer Lalisa Manoban has a net worth of $14 million.

Lisa is best known as a member of the K-pop girl group, black pink.

She is the highest paid member of Blackpink.

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In addition, Lisa is ranked 15th on the charts. 100 most beautiful faces 2017 list.

Larissa - Manoban - Black Pink
Lalisa Manoban (Source: Lisa’s Instagram)

Likewise, she won two prestigious awards Person of the Year Award Existence normal awards ceremony 2018 and 2019.

Additionally, Lisa’s Instagram account has over 73 million followers as of July 2023. To date, she has posted more than 800 photos on IG.

The 26-year-old superstar celebrated his birthday on March 27th.

Larissa Manoban | Overview

Let’s take a look at the life of Larissa Manoban.

full name Pranbria Manoban
nickname Larissa Manoban, Lisa, Flying Lisa, Lalise, Pokupaku, Lalise, Jolisa
net worth $14 million
salary $6 million annually
date of birth March 27, 1997
Year 26 years old
place of birth Buriram Province, Thailand
Country of Citizenship Thai/Korean
zodiac Aries
expensive 5’6″ (167 cm)
weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
shoe size 7 (United States)
eye color Dark brown
hair color dyeing (staining)
Profession Singer, Rapper, Model, Dancer, Songwriter, Social Media Influencer
father’s name Marco Bruschweller (stepfather)
mother’s name chip brashweller
Brothers and sisters 2
brother’s name Alice
marital status Unmarried
Partner Jungkook (BTS member)

Gong Yoo


Sabol Asawamonkon

sexual orientation straight
child zero
life Korea
Race sea ​​bream
educate Phrapha Monterey 2 School
song Money, you like it, DDU-DU DDU-DU, kill this love, Larisa, think it’s the last time, whistle, play with fire
music album lovestruck girl, ice cream, pretty savage
award winning Mnet Asian Music Awards Bravo – Newcomer/Breakthrough
band black pink
has been active for several years 2016 to present
merchandise Special edition photo book, postcard, coloring book
Social media Instagram, YouTube, Douyin
Last update July 2023

Larissa Manoban | Net Worth and Earnings

Lalisa Manoban’s net worth is shocking $14 millionas of July 2023.

Much of her wealth has come through her music career, social media, and sponsorship deals.

Earnings of pop bands around the world $25 million per year. It may seem like a big number, but it’s still slightly low.the translation of it YG entertainment master (the band’s production company) black pinksalary.

According to distribution, Lisa Mr. Manoban salary is about $6 arrival $8 million per year.

Additionally, Lisa earns additional income through endorsements and sponsorships.

She worked as a brand ambassador for a well-known cosmetics company. moon landing plan.

Likewise, this beautiful Thai rapper has sponsorship deals with various companies including: AIS Thailand, Adidas, Samsung, and pen shop.

Considering the sponsorship deal, Lisa is likely to win a lot of extra cash, potentially increasing her annual income by more than $6 million.

And a seemingly admired and beloved model like Lisa can achieve: $500,000 Salary per post for social media handles.

Technically, most famous artists like Lisa will receive millions of dollars in royalties for their songs in their lifetime.

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Lalisa Manoban Net Worth in Various Currencies

Let’s see how much Lalisa Manoban’s net worth is in different currencies.

currency net worth
EUR €12,303,550
GBP £10,272,500
Australian dollar 19,393,136 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 17,828,510 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 1,041,516,000 rupees
Bitcoin ฿356.73

Larissa Manoban | Residential

Seeing K-pop star Lisa Manoban’s extravagant lifestyle, fans couldn’t help but marvel at her home.

She owns a luxurious mansion in Seoul, South Korea.

Lisa Manoban’s home has spacious and convenient spaces and subtle interior design.

Especially Thai princesses have their own studios at home. She divides the space in her room and unleashes her creativity to the next level.

Larissa Manoban House
Inside Lalisa Manoban’s house (Credit: Amino Apps/Blackpink)

Similarly, Lisa’s house has additional space for displaying photo books and gifts from fans.

Additionally, she dedicates part of her home to her adorable pets.

Speaking of prices, the furniture in Lisa’s home, including the chair, costs about $1,500.At one point, she surprised her fans by spending a fortune $12,000 on the mirror.

Not only that, but her TV costs no less $35,000the price of the fireplace is $3,000.

Lalisa Manoban seems to be spending more on home decor than buying multiple properties.


As of July 2023, Lalisa Manoban has a net worth of $14 million.

The rare glimpse of Lisa’s luxury car will be big news for Blackpink fans around the world, as the members rarely share personal cars.

However, according to some rumors, K-pop icon Lisa Chrysler 300C.

Yes, she doesn’t post much about her car on social media.

Of course, the beautiful star probably has some luxury wheels in her garage, especially a comfortable drive. land rover range rover.

Larissa Manoban | Lifestyle and Holidays


Lisa, also known as Lalisa Manoban, was born on March 27, 1997 in Buriram, Thailand.

She was raised by her mother in Thailand, chip brashweller and her Swiss father-in-law Marco Braschwellerriver

Lisa went Phrapha Monterey School, She finished her studies there.

She has been influenced by the K-pop industry since childhood.

Thus, the future successful K-pop icon started dancing at the age of 4 and participated in several dance competitions.

Talking about Blackpink’s Lisa relationship, she’s reportedly dating Jungkook, member of a hit band base station.

Currently, the singer is enjoying her single life and focusing primarily on her career.


K-pop star Lisa Manoban shares her favorite places to travel in the Philippines.

The Philippines is Blackpink’s Lisa’s favorite vacation destination after a hard day’s work.

Larissa - Manoban - Vacation
Lalisa Manoban enjoying a beach vacation (Image: Pinterest)

Lisa loves Filipino culture and traditions. Not to mention, she is also a brand ambassador for a Filipino fashion label. pen shop.

Likewise, her next vacation destination is Sorsogon.this place is very popular whale shark, These mammals are among the largest known living species.

Larissa Manoban | Charity

Generous Lisa is known for her kind demeanor to those in need.

All Blackpink members, including Lisa, $8,300 (10 million won) To all the victims of the Goseong wildfire in South Korea. On April 8, 2019, a charity event with a total of 40 million won was held.

In addition, girl group member Lisa also launched mask products during the epidemic. She donated all proceeds from her business to the 2020 Covid-19 Relief Fund.

black pink Lisa Manoban is also outspoken about climate change and spreading awareness to address it.

Larissa Manoban Charities
Lalisa Manoban Travel Siaries (Image credit: her Instagram)

And dear angel Lisa donated her 20 million won Paying bonuses to low-income single parents in South Korea.

likewise she sent $3,097 (100,000 Baht) Support for flood victims in Thailand, September 19, 2019.

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Larissa Manoban | Music & Bands

Lisa joined girl band Blackpink in 2016. The band was formed in the same year.

Fan-favorite Lisa Manoban releases debut album ‘Studio’ with bandmates blackpink in your area In 2018, the album scored phenomenal rankings. Japan is ninth.

blackpink playoffs Founder Achieved No. 1st place in Korea. The album was released in 2018.

their EP Please kill this love, Released in 2019, it reached #1 on the U.S. World Charts.

Additionally, BLACKPINK’s 2017 single EP It topped the world charts in Japan, the United States, and South Korea.

Lisa Manoban Nominated as Candidate Sanook X Jukes Thai Music Awards 2020 social superstar.

Lisa has excelled both as a member of the most famous girl band Blackpink and as a global ambassador for several premium brands around the world.

It can be seen that she lives a wealthy and luxurious life. Lalisa Manoban Net Worth is $8 million As of July 2023.

Larissa Manoban | Career

In addition to her band career, Lisa has also had a very successful solo career.

she auditioned YG entertainment In 2010, a 14-year-old trainee stood out among 4,000 contestants.

Larissa Manoban - Career
Lalisa Manoban looked amazing in a white dress (Image: Lisa’s Instagram)

Additionally, Lisa Manoban has launched her own YouTube channel called Lili Pictures Official In 2018, her YouTube channel had less than 9 million subscribers.

Similarly, BLACKPINK’s Lisa will appear in an episode of the TV series real man 300 and Lisa TV.

Lisa and Blackpink’s legions of fans are confident that her net worth will grow even more in the coming days.

3 facts about Larissa Manoban

  • Lisa Manoban is the youngest member of Blackpink.her friends call her pocket bag.
  • In 2009, when she was a student, she participated in a singing competition representing her school and won second place.
  • She is also a dancer and a member of a dance group Weezak dance club.


Is Lisa Manoban a Vegetarian?

No, she’s rarely vegetarian, but she does eat French fries occasionally when she’s hungry.

Is Lalisa Manoban an animal lover?

Yes, Lisa is an animal (especially cat) lover and has 4 cats. All her cat names start with ‘L’. Luca, Leo and Lilyand Louis.

Is Lalisa Manoban the richest member of Blackpink?

Yes, as of July 2023, Lalisa Manoban has a net worth of $14 million.

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