Kyle Doan Missing: Five Year Old Swept Away From Mother Arms In California Flood

Kyle Doan went missing after being swept away by the recent California Flood. Despite numerous search attempts, he is yet to be found.

Doan, a five-year-old boy, and his mother were on their way to school when their vehicle got stuck due to the heavy flooding.

Till now, rescuers have not been able to locate the boy. Hundreds of National Guard members search for him.

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Looking at the duration that he has been missing and the fact that he is just a five-year-old kid, the chances of finding him alive are very slim, admits his Father, Brian.

Kyle Doan Missing – Swept by California Flood

A heavy California flood resulted in five-year-old Kyle Doan missing for days. 

Kyle was with his mother, who drove him to school early on Monday, January 9, 2023, when their car got stuck due to a flood.

Kyle’s mother Lindsy is a special education teacher at the same school, Larsen Elementary School, where he studies.

kyle doan missing
Kyle Doan has been missing since Monday, January 9, 2023. (Source: CNN)

At around 7:45 in the morning, their vehicle had to stop due to the heavy flood.

When the flood overwhelmed the car, which was about to be submerged, the mother removed Kyle from his car seat.

Lindsy recalled that the current kept pulling her, and she gasped and looked up at her son every time.

As the water began propelling the vehicle, the two had no option but to get out of it. As they got out, the water current proved overpowering.

No matter how much Lindsy tried to keep a hold of her son, Kyle, she couldn’t. She kept holding onto the tree and trying to catch Kyle’s hand.

Sadly, the two separated, and the flood swept Kyle away. Lindsy was rescued from the water, but Kyle was nowhere to be found.

The county sheriff said that over 100 National Guard members searched for the boy and will continue until they find him.

The search had to be suspended several times due to low visibility and severe weather conditions, as informed by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities mobilized K-9 dogs, focusing primarily downstream from where Kyle’s mother was rescued.

More About Kyle Doan

Kyle Doan is a five-year-old boy who attends kindergarten at a school in the San Luis Obispo County village of San Miguel, California.

He went missing early Monday morning, and his chances of surviving the heavy flood were slim. 

The five-year-old’s father, Brian Doan, grieved that he did not think his son was still alive. He said to the press, “It’s not a rescue. It’s a recovery.”

kyle parents
Kyle Doan’s parents speak with Inside Edition about their boy. (Source: People)

Brian recalled that 2022 had been a challenging year for Kyle. He tripped in preschool, which resulted in surgery, and rods were placed in his fractured legs.

However, Kyle adapted and recovered months later. The rods were removed in November 2022, and the doctors gave him a six-week healing period.

The five-year-old was eager to go to school after the holiday break on Monday. He was a charming boy who liked to dance. 

Brian recalled that Kyle used to play soccer and liked his Paw Patrol. 

According to Kyle’s mother, as she was struggling to get him out of the car, his last words were, “Mommy, it’s gonna be okay. Just be calm.”

The two had no option but to get out of the car which slowly submerged in the floodwater.

Rescuers were able to rescue Lindsy but could not find her son, Kyle. He is suspected of having been swept into the nearby river.

The search for Kyle Doan continues. 

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