KSI Back Tattoo Meaning And Design: Hair Real Or Fake

KSI fans are going gaga over the KSI Back tattoo that is visible in the new Sidemen Sunday video. The image is unclear, so netizens are confused about the KSI back tattoo meaning and design.

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, aka KSI, is an English YouTuber, rapper, gamer, boxer, and also co-founder of a YouTube Group titled, ‘Sidemen.’

Besides KSI, he is also famous for the name JJ, a short form of Olajide Olatunji.

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He rose to grandeur fame on YouTube starting especially in 2011, though he began his YouTube journey in 2009.

Apart from his engaging YouTube videos, KSI released a debut single, “Lamborghini,” featuring British grime MC P Money in 2015.

Since then, KSI is a popular English figure with over 24 Million fan followers on YouTube alone.

Nevertheless, he is also popular for the various tattoos engraved on his body, which is the full form of his nickname KSI. But recently, he appears to have one more back tattoo.

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New KSI Back Tattoo Meaning And Design

In August 2017, KSI released a YouTube video entitled “I’m Sorry Mum,” where he revealed his new tattoos.

In the video, he explains what each letter of his nickname KSI stands for.

He explained KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength and Integrity. So, he has Knowledge engraved in his chest while his left arm has Strength with Integrity on right arm.

Since then, KSI had no other tattoos inked on his body. But a rumor began to escalate that he is adding a new tattoo to his KSI collection when a fan spotted him in a Vivid Ink tattoo parlor.

KSI back tattoo in Vivid Ink Parlor, UK
KSI was spotted having his back inked in Vivid Ink Parlor. (Source: Reddit)

The big-time gamer and YouTuber KSI did not address the rumor and left fans to speculate what could be on their own.

But in a recent Sidemen Sunday video, fans spotted something that supported the month-old rumor about KSI back tattoo.

Albeit the image is not clear and KSI himself has not explained it, the KSI back tattoo looks somewhat like Legacy.

Some fans are suggesting that the new KSI back tattoo legacy means, “He carries his KSI legacy on his back.”

Furthermore, looking back at the history of KSI tattoos, he had tattooed only what his KSI name stand for. Thus, some fans are speculating KSI is adding another letter, ‘L,’ to his nickname. So, we can expect his KSI name as KSI-L.

Besides the viral back picture of KSI, we can also spot a new KSI back tattoo legacy when he is coming down the slide in this week’s Sidemen Sunday.

ksi back tattoo
Here is a new KSI back tattoo. (Source: Reddit)

Nonetheless, fans are suggesting that the new back tattoo will be more meaningful in his upcoming boxing match with Tommy Fury on October 14.

Is KSI Hair Real Or Fake?

Apart from KSI tattoos, his legendary red dreadlocks hairs are also a fan favorite.

But there is a big debate about whether the KSI hair is real or fake. Fans have put forward various logic to justify their hair theory. However, the English rapper himself has never spoken on the topic.

Instead, the rapper has been featuring his hair and different styles once in a while in his YouTube videos. In one video, he even became bald, earning a new nickname, ‘Baldski.’

ksi hair
The famous red dreadlock hair of KSI (Source: Instagram)

At one point, KSI had a red dreadlock which everyone loved. But alongside the growing popularity of his hair, many doubted and pointed out it was fake hair.

However, truth to be unveiled, they are his natural, real hair, not a wig or something artificial. Currently, KSI has a black dreadlock, which he styles in a ponytail fashion with a bandana on.

So, the rumor of KSI’s fake hair is just mere speculation. Instead, the KSI hair appears real and all-natural.

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