Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him? Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police

Khalil Azad Body was found floating face down in Crystal Lake. Two days earlier, when pulled over by the Robbinsdale Police, he had fled on foot. What really happened? Let’s find out.

The mysterious nature of Khalil Azad’s death nearly a year ago was claimed to have occurred due to accidental drowning. 

However, his family and the Black Lives Matters community of Minnesota claim the Robbinsdale Police brutality must have killed the 24-year-old.

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Police officers claim that on July 3, 2022, they tried to make a DWI traffic stop in the early morning.

However, the driver did not stop, and a pursuit ensued. Finally, the car stopped on the 3900 block of Lakeland Avenue North when the driver lost control.

The man riding the car reportedly fled on foot and was never caught.

However, two days later, a dead body on the Crystal River was identified as Khalil Azad, who fled the police pursuit.

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Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him?

Last July, Khalil Azad body was found in Crystal Lake, floating dead and lying face down. What caused the death remains a mystery.

Robbinsdale Police claim that the 24-year-old must have drowned, as shown on the autopsy reports, but his family has ruled out drowning, claiming that he knew how to swim.

Azad was pulled over by the Robbinsdale Police two days before his body was found.

Police claim that Azad allegedly fled on foot when they tried to interrogate him.

That was the last time anyone saw the Minnesota man; his body was discovered dead in Crystal Lake two days later.

Khalil Azad Body
Khalil Azad Body was full of scratch and bite marks, indicating he was brutally killed and dumped into the lake. (Source: Black Lives Matter Minnesota)

Newly released photos of Khalil Azad body point out a possibility of foul play.

Many people on social media have claimed that the police murdered the 24-year-old.

Recently, a vigil was held by the Minnesota community in Crystal Lake to honor Azad’s life and to put pressure on the authorities for a proper investigation of his death.

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Was Khalil Azad Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police

The photos show Azad’s grossly disfigured face, which appears to have been brutally beaten.

The Minnesota man’s family claim that Robbinsdale Police must have beaten him to death and dumped his body on Crystal Lake to make it seem like an accidental drowning.

The graphic images of Khalil’s body show scratches, K-9 bites on his face, and deadlocks torn from his scalp.

Black Lives Matter Minnesota released a statement claiming that the medical examiners did not account for the disfigured nature of the 24-year-old’s body and face. 

Minnesota Teen Activists demand an outside investigation into the Robbinsdale police, the medical examiner’s conduct, and the suspension of all k-9 units in the state.

khalil vigil
A vigil was recently held to honor Khalil Azad and to provide transparency in the investigation and justice for his death. (Source: Twitter)

Azad’s family called for a full investigation into his death, including releasing bodycam and dashcam footage of the officers and medical examiners involved.

Family members say that Khalil Azad’s death reminded them of the police brutality deaths of Rodney King, Emmett Till, and Tyre Nichols.

Robbinsdale Police Chief Patrick Foley said on March 3 that he supports an independent review for transparency and added that the department would gather and release body camera footage next week.

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