Katie Gallagher Death Video: Fashion Designer Found Dead On Bed- Murder Or Suicide

A video of the death of fashion designer Katie Gallagher, whose mysterious death was announced as a homicide, is being searched on the internet.

Katie Gallagher is a famous American fashion designer who creates unique designs and patterns and founded her own company in New York.

Gallagher’s work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue Italia, ELLE, Interview and Refinery 29. Refinery 29 counts Katie as one of his six designers on their watch list.

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In January 2010, Gallagher was named a semi-finalist in the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation’s Emerging Fashion Designers competition.

Fashion designer Katie Gallagher’s family was held in darkness for eight months before her body was discovered in her Manhattan apartment bed.

Gallagher, 35, has designed clothes that have been featured in Vogue and Glamor magazines. Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Laverne Cox and Lady Gaga.

Katie Gallagher death video: found dead in bed

After learning of Katy Gallagher’s death, people are interested in the fashion designer’s cause of death and are looking for a video of Katy Gallagher’s death.

The video titled Katie Gallagher Death Video does not exist on the internet. However, many news channels and media outlets reported videos of the fashion designer’s mysterious death.

A recent spate of drug theft crimes in New York City may be linked to the death of a young fashion designer in New York City last year, investigators said.

Katie Gallagher death video
Katie Gallagher’s mysterious death has been ruled a homicide. (Source: WWD)

The death of 35-year-old Kathryn Marie Gallagher has been shrouded in mystery since she was found dead in her Lower East Side apartment on July 24, 2013.

Death of fashion designer Katie Gallagher – murder or suicide

As soon as the world learned of Katie Gallagher’s death, the news of her death spread rapidly on the internet. Not long after, people wondered if she had been murdered, or if the fashion designer had committed suicide.

At this time it is not known whether she was killed or committed suicide. But Gallagher died of acute poisoning with a mixture of fentanyl, p-flufentanyl and ethanol, according to the city’s coroner’s office, and the New York Police Department declared her death a homicide on Friday.

New York Police Department investigators have not released details. But they are reportedly investigating whether Gallagher was deliberately administered a lethal drug combination by those who attempted the robbery.

In the future, if investigators obtain evidence related to the designer’s death, they may find the video taken. It’s hard to say if a video of Katie Gallagher’s death exists.

Given that fentanyl played a role in Gallagher’s murder, there are concerns about the dangers of the synthetic drug, which was responsible for two-thirds of the more than 100,000 overdose deaths in the United States last year.

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Katie Gallagher Career Highlights

Katie Gallagher was born on August 15, 1986 in her hometown of Pennsylvania, USA.

After a year at RISD, Gallagher said he plans to major in fashion design.

The fashion designer’s first clothing design project at RISD was a garment made from her springs.

After moving to New York, the fashionista founded “Katie Gallagher”. Gallagher’s SS10 (Spring/Summer 2010) collection kicked off for her New York Fashion Week debut in September 2009.

Prior to production, Katie made drawings and sketches to develop the concept of the collection.

Katie Gallagher
Katie Gallagher’s death may be linked to a spate of drug theft crimes in the city. (Source: NBC New York)

At New York Fashion Week, Gallagher debuted the SS10, AW10, SS11, AW11, SS12 and AW12 collections. Refinery 29 described their Spring/Summer 2010 collection as dark, futuristic and stylish.

Materials used in the collection include boiled wool, shearling, leather, silk and chiffon.

Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti and others have selected specific images from Katy Gallagher’s work for editorial shoots.

Exclusive retailers around the world have joined the Katie Gallagher collection. Launching November 5th, 2012, Katy by Katy Gallagher’s second line features separates and jewellery.

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